CMOs: Get The One Gift You Need This Black Friday & Boost Your Marketing ROI 200%

November 23, 2016 - 5 minutes read - Mod CMO, Mod Girl News

A Chief Marketing Officer carries the weight of the world on his or her shoulders. You are the company’s best foot forward on the internet, solely responsible for generating wealth for your enterprise through online activities. There are so many to choose from, not to mention so many new tools and technologies evolving from year to year. What worked for you in 2015 might not be as successful in generating ROI this year, and what you based your strategy on this year may be replaced by something better next year. It’s easy for your head to spin. You can only do so much. A digital marketing consultant follows the industry trends, best practices, evolving tools, and proven strategies, freeing you from worry and allowing you to focus your energies on campaign-specifics.

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Start Thinking Strategically To Drive Your 2017 Marketing To Greater Heights!

Are you looking for a quick read to kick-start your marketing strategy for 2017? We recently released The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing, which outlines how to implement and execute winning marketing campaigns. You’ll find a wealth of information on developing and executing more effective SEO, Analytics, List Building, Social Media, Buyer Personas, Email Marketing, Content Generation, Customer Testimonials, and Marketing Automation. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready for action with a series of actionable steps that have worked for our clients to boost ROI 200% within the first three months!

2017 Marketing Strategies for the Metrics-Loving CMO

What Is The Mod CMO Club?

Being a CMO can be a lonely job. Surround yourself with people who can provide additional and ongoing support when and where you need it. When you download the Modern CMO’s Handbook, you receive exclusive membership to the Mod CMO Club.

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All Mod CMO members receive:

  • A monthly newsletter outlining all the latest insights and trends in digital marketing, as well as real success stories
  • The “Better Blogs In Less Time” eBook to learn how to produce more high-quality content and maximize blog ROI
  • The “Creating Your Buyer Persona” module detailing a process for creating and refining your ideal target market
  • The “Buyer Persona” template to streamline buyer persona creation with Google slides defining your audience
  • The “Diverse Buyer Persona” avatars which gives you 200 diverse avatars to use in your buyer persona files
  • A “SMART Goals” checklist to help you get focused, achieve more in less time, and stay motivated
  • The “CMO’s Marketing Dream Team” guide outlining who you need to hire and how they can help your initiatives
  • Exclusive discounts on Mod Girl services that can provide expertise where you need it to free up your time


Tired of Juggling It All Alone?

You may be full of ideas and passion, but find it difficult to get going and confidently move in the direction of your dreams. It can be a huge asset to partner directly with a someone who has experience in transforming brands and generating dramatic increases in profitability in a short period of time.
In addition to these helpful tools, the Mod CMO Club also provides qualifying members with access to one-on-one support. Spaces are limited, but anyone can apply for a FREE inbound marketing audit, a 30-minute consultation, and an ongoing partnership with digital marketing expert and Mod Girl Marketing Founder Mandy McEwen.

Why CMOs & Marketing Agencies Are A Perfect Match

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: Get 40% off Mod CMO Membership!

CMOs who sign up by Cyber Monday will receive 40% off and receive all the same amazing digital marketing resources and support.

Don’t leave your 2017 marketing strategy to chance! Get on top of the latest trends and tools that have boosted other companies’ revenues 200% right out of the starting gate. Network with energizing individuals who will have a lasting impact on your productivity and your mindset.



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