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Does your online presence accurately portray the high level of care you give patients offline? If your digital marketing efforts have been lacking, then consider how our flexible services can help you achieve more online referrals, better patient loyalty, and more revenues, while streamlining day-to-day processes like data capture, customer relationship management, content creation and advertising. We’ll bring your marketing into the modern age with advanced technology solutions that will grow your healthcare business, both online and offline!

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roxy plastic surgery internet marketing case study

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    • Aaron MarcumWe have been impressed with Mod Girl's approach and professionalism throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail has been appreciated by my entire marketing team and the many insights they’ve shared with us have been extremely helpful. Honestly, they have quickly become an extension of our marketing team in such a short period of time due to their responsiveness and strategic/consultative approach to marketing. We have truly benefited from investing in our partnership with Mod Girl and look forward to working with them long into the future.

      Aaron Marcum – Home Care Pulse
    • jessica-cummings-barkman-honeyWe have benefited greatly from the support and guidance of the Mod Girl Marketing professional staff. Mandy & Allie have great follow-through and provide personal service in a timely manner. They have delivered results and introduced innovative solutions. Our patients have greater opportunity for engagement and access because of their work on our social media campaign.

      Nancy Henry – Tallgrass Surgical
    • Dr. Kim ThomasGood reviews led me to Mod Girl Marketing. Mandy and her team developed a digital marketing strategy that fit my budget and implemented a plan to help immediately boost my online presence. I’m finally able to utilize one of today’s most effective means of reaching my target audience and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Mod Girl Marketing.

      Dr. Kim Thomas – Bear Creek Medical
    • I reached out to Mod Girl to get some feedback on the user experience on my site, including ways to increase engagement and optimize content. Mandy and her team performed a comprehensive audit that was very helpful. Great communication, responsiveness and tips - I walked away with many practical ideas that could be implemented right away. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

      Kim Pratt – HealthyPsych
    • dr-david-halpern-tampa-plastic-surgeonWe chose Mod Girl Marketing a year ago and they have exceeded our expectations. They transformed our website into a highly functional site, improved our web searches and our monthly consults have increased. Mod Girl’s team keeps my brand modern and helps grow my social media presence. We’re constantly receiving positive feedback from our patients that found us on social media.

      Dr. David Halpern – Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc.

    How We Help Healthcare Companies Grow

    Your website should be more than a placeholder that you update occasionally. We help you meet high patient demands and compete in your respective market by showing you how to establish and maintain a strong cross-channel marketing presence.

    We assist our healthcare clients in achieving the following goals:

    Increase Patient Acquisition & Retention

    Turn your website into a magnet for new patients. Capture demographic information to guide marketing decision-making. Use inbound marketing tactics like blogs, social media, content, surveys, email newsletter campaigns and automated messaging to grow and maintain your network.

    Increase Patient Engagement

    Get patients sharing information on social media sites, writing favorable patient reviews, referring family and friends, and coming back to you as their “go-to” source for medical information and services. Learn how to master the art of brand storytelling to set your brand apart from the pack.

    Increase Search Engine Rankings

    Expand your patient base by identifying what search terms people use to find healthcare businesses like yours. Improve the usability of your website to create a better experience for new visitors so they return. Gain increased visibility and market share with compelling content.

    Streamline Patient Communication

    Open up the channels of communication to your patients to meet their expectations. Respond promptly via social media, develop more efficient web forms, set up personalized email campaigns to nurture leads, and use technology to manage patient relationships over time.

    Boost Service-Line Revenue & Cut Costs

    Use web content and CRM software to help you move from a revenue model based on patient outcomes and value, rather than volume. Facilitate more large volume transactions and use your online presence to attract more joint venture partnerships with others in the medical field.

    Grow Brand Awareness

    Get your name listed in all local directories and on first page search rankings. Beef up your social media presence and learn about using the most talked-about tools. Implement best practices for press release distribution, email marketing and native advertising to extend your reach.

    Improve Social Media Presence and Reach

    Take advantage of advanced features to make your social media profiles more impressive and efficient. Create content calendars and automate your posting schedule to save time. Learn how to track data and follow real-time conversations to manage patient relationships more effectively.

    Promote Thought Leadership

    Find out the hottest content curation sources to stay relevant in the minds of your audience. Publish press releases, hold webinars and create products that can generate passive income or increase lead generation. Enhance your reputation to attract media spotlight and partners.

    Acquisition of New Technology

    With Hatchbuck software, you can manage patient relationships by keeping all patient demographic data, correspondences and service transaction histories in one place, accessible to team members of your choosing. Cut down on missed opportunities and redundant messages.

    Improve Patient Experience

    Display informative and engaging content that will help your patients find the information they need faster. Optimize the customer experience on your landing pages with simple and clear call-to-actions. Create a user-friendly experience on mobile so your patients can access your content anytime, anywhere.

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    Mod Girl Drives Marketing Momentum

    Healthcare marketing isn’t a static process. There are always ways to improve and refine online efforts. So we do more than just set you up to get amazing results. We also measure the effectiveness of each and every marketing campaign, providing ongoing feedback to maximize strengths and clear up areas of weakness.

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    • I can’t say enough about Mod Girl – they have totally turned our website and social media marketing around. They are on top of making changes and maintaining so that you never get stale. The personal service is remarkable. The team is diverse in their skills and equipped to address every sort of online service you need. They are innovative and cutting edge. We are so happy with our service and outcomes! You shouldn’t think twice about Mod Girl Marketing – you need it!

      Dr. K . Roxanne Grawe – ROXY Plastic Surgery

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    Healthcare Client Success Story

    ROXY Plastic Surgery

    When ROXY Plastic Surgery first found us, their Columbus, Ohio practice had no lead follow-up process, no customer relationship management, little social media footprint and the occasional promotional blog post published here and there. Even though business was booming offline, very little referrals were trickling in from all the online marketing dollar spent.

    Mod Girl consultants got Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe set up with a Patient Relationship Management platform that helped her keep the marketing engine rolling, without costing her extra time, money or hassle. The new marketing campaigns and optimization work we did for her achieved quick results that grew exponentially over the first six months.

    After three months, ROXY Plastic Surgery had a 177% increase in Google searches, 1,560% increase in clicks on the website, and 335% increase in leads! Over the next few months, leads continued to jump another 106% and conversions went up by a whopping 85%.

    Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery

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    View Client Story

    Bear Creek Medical

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    Need A Diagnosis?

    If you feel your online presence is ailing, contact us for a free assessment of your current marketing efforts. Receive a diagnosis from our team of experts and discover how we can put your brand on the mend!

    Content Marketing Diagnosis

    • Are you connecting with all your patient’s pain points and delivering the information they need? Are you capitalizing on all the best opportunities to get your name out there and tell your story? We'll examine your content marketing efforts and give you a diagnosis for improvement.
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    Website Diagnosis

    • Is your website optimized to convert new visitors into repeat visitors and loyal patients? Does your website provide a great user experience that produces a low bounce rate and high click-through rate? We'll examine every facet of your website to determine where you are falling short.
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    SEO Diagnosis

    • Is your website attracting search engine users? Are patients walking in your front door as a direct result of your online marketing efforts? We’ll conduct a full website SEO and backlink diagnosis to determine how your website can increase your search engine rankings and conversions.
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    Social Media Diagnosis

    • Are you focusing your efforts on the best social media channels for new patient acquisition based on your unique market? Are your posts resonating with audiences? We'll examine your social media presence across top channels like Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin and others.
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    • Carolyn BowenI found Mod Girl Marketing via one of their own inbound marketing campaigns, testament to the effectiveness of their approach! It was important — no, critical — to me to work with a company that not only excels at what they do, but also HOW they do it. Timely communication and regular project updates made completing our project with MGM a breeze. And, we are already seeing a definite increase in prospects reaching out to us via our website and integrated auto responder system! I finally feel like I am in good hands.

      Carolyn Bowen, Dr. Robert Bowen – Cosmetic Medicine

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