8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Businesses are understanding that social media sites are “the new Google,” acting as powerful referral sources of traffic to their main websites. 

However, recognizing the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube is not the same as knowing how to put a series of actionable steps together to form an effective social media strategy for the coming year.

In this eBook I share some of my simplest tricks for improving online visibility in Google, Bing and social media search engines that will not only bring you more traffic, but more targeted buyers as well.  

This eBook will put you on a quick and easy path to more shares and better search engine ranking!

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This eBook will teach you everything you need to know about creating an effective social media strategy that will bring positive results to your SEO and overall lead generation.

Our Renewed Emphasis on Social Media Yields Positive Results For Businesses

Patients are much more engaged and following our posts, friends comment on how fun it is to see what we’re up to, and potential patients get to know us before coming to the office.

Mod Girl Marketing Client, Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe - ROXY Plastic Surgery

Learn Basic SEO Tips And Tricks To Start Converting Your Customers!

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8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks eBook reader Michael Shelley - @MikeGrowCo

A Book For Beginners

Whether you have just created a new social media page and blog or you’ve finally gotten around to getting more serious about entrenching a firm presence in these realms, our 8 steps to success are written in a way that’s easy to comprehend and implement, even if you have no knowledge of coding or SEO and only a minimal understanding of social media dashboard tools. If you need more assistance, our help is never more than a phone call or email away!

A Book For Experienced Marketers

You may have a regular social media presence and a hardworking staff of dedicated marketers, but still lack the number of shares and SEO you desire. Implement a few of our easy tweaks to your existing strategy to see the difference a little bit of professional advice can make! Our white label marketing services can bolster your team if necessary and give you access to a wider suite of social media / SEO tools without having to pay for each service separately.

Meet The Author

Hi, I'm Mandy McEwen, your SEO specialist and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing. For nearly a decade I've been helping businesses and entrepreneurs experience massive business growth through modern digital marketing strategies. 

Recently I was listed as one of Search Engine Journal's Top 12 Highly- Successful SEO Practicioners. For the last few years I've been using basic social media strategies to drive search engine rankings. In this eBook, I'll show you 8 of my favorite tips for using social media to boost your Google rankings. Find out just how simple it really is to use social media to help your SEO.