The Value of a Content Marketing Consultant

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This year, $118 Billion will be spent on content marketing. That’s a lot of chicken! Even companies that have less than 10 employees allocate 42% of their overall marketing budget to content. By now, it’s clear that the old adage “Content is King” has been true for several decades now — and continues to ring true as new technology emerges to help you push your content out to a greater audience.

Are you ready to stop existing and start living?

Long gone are the days when it was impressive simply to have a website. Now a website is like having a birth certificate for your business. You need content to keep the wheels greased and maintain a steady stream of traffic. What good is a website that isn’t on the first page of a Google search?

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So, onto the big question: what does a content marketing consultant do?

Not every company has its own brand journalist and content marketer on hand. Who can afford to pay the median $56,000 salary, plus benefits that any respectable content manager would ask for? The answer is: several companies! However, by outsourcing content marketing needs to a professional firm like Mod Girl®, businesses can save a lot of money while also not worrying about training or finding that perfect match for your brand. A content marketing consultant from a professional firm has access to trained professional writers who accept work from various clients to make a living freelance. This makes quality content more affordable for you.

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A content marketing consultant is much more than a mere liaison, however! You can really think of us as a “big picture” sort of strategist. We look at your core business objectives, your posturing online and your current campaign and envision the pathway to greatness. We have loads of technological tools and software programs at our disposal that we can use to further your business endeavors online, thus saving you from the expense and learning curve.

Quality content is the logical starting point, but from there, you need to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote this content. Content marketers are adept at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Web Design, Pay Per Click (PPC), Video Marketing (YouTube), Image Marketing (Pinterest, Google), Mobile Marketing, and more.

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How much do content marketing consultants cost? Are they worth it?

Content marketers make around $70-80K a year. Not surprisingly, few businesses can afford to hire one in-house. The good news is that boutique agencies offer highly personalized, tailored service for all budgets. Whether you’re running a start-up and you just need one blog per week with promotion to keep churning… or you’re a multi-million-dollar company in search of the best caliber writers and a fresh perspective on the business… a content marketing consultant can develop a package that gets your business off the ground.

Content marketers are data and results-driven. By viewing analytics daily, they can make quick changes and adjustments to ensure your website gets to the top page of Google in no time at all. Even though engineers are furtive about how search engines grade websites, the general formula is well-known within the industry. A content marketer studies changes and updates to search engine grading criteria continuously, so your brand never misses a beat.

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The Bottom Line:

Of course, not all content marketing consultants are created equal. Some content marketers are worth the money, while others are not. You need to find someone who is on the same page as you and who can deliver what has been promised.

Mod Girl's Digital Marketing Consultants

Mod Girl’s team of content marketing consultants have helped numerous companies grow their business online with strategic and super effective content marketing campaigns. From Fortune 500 corporations to local businesses, our writers and consultants have worked with companies spanning across a variety of industries. Our clients love us and for good reasons! Here is one of our many happy content marketing clients:


“I hired Mandy and Mod Girl Marketing to build our website content strategy for top search rankings. Not only are our blog topics our top driver for visits to our site, but it’s also clear major media outlets have found MamaBear to include in news coverage due to Mod Girl’s efforts in ranking our website. Our SEO strategy is a large piece of our marketing foundation.”

Robyn Spoto, MamaBear App


Visit our Content Marketing page today and fill out our no-obligation questionnaire to receive a free content marketing consultation.

From there, you can judge if we’re the right company to take your business to the next level with content marketing management.

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