7 Video Ideas to Future-Proof Your Plastic Surgery Practice

March 24, 2020 - 11 minutes read - In the News..., Video Marketing

It’s no secret that in today’s technology-driven world, video marketing has claimed the spotlight when it comes to effective branding strategies for medical practitioners. For doctors, aesthetic providers, and plastic surgeons, video content creates a superior user experience for patients, while also allowing individuals to review and qualify your practice. As video popularity continues to surge, it’s imperative for medical professionals to leverage this type of content – especially amid our country’s current crisis with COVID-19.

Should COVID-19 Stop Plastic Surgeons and Medical Professionals from Marketing?

Why is Video Important for Plastic Surgeons & Medical Practitioners?

In the modern digital universe, marketing campaigns are dominated by content marketing. In other words, you have to produce relevant, valuable content that’s authentic to who you are and what you stand for. A large component of future-proofing your personal brand is to utilize video content in a way that educates patients and prospects, demonstrates compassion, and increases brand visibility. Read on for a few healthcare video marketing examples.

Memorable & Meaningful Videos Create Brand Advocates

The medical space is teeming with competition. Differentiating yourself means taking ownership of the conversation, painting yourself as a thought leader, and delivering a strong, consistent personal brand. By doing so, you’ll be able to give your competitors a friendly farewell wave as you breeze right past them. 

During trying times, as we’re experiencing now, many practitioners choose to abandon their marketing efforts. However, humanity is faced with uncertainty, and now is the time to step up to the plate and help quell those fears. As a medical professional, people look to you for answers and education. Videos provide the vehicle necessary to spread hope, love, and compassion – which are some of the key motivating factors behind pursuing a career in the healthcare space to begin with. 

Whether our community is facing rocky waters or an individual is simply seeking guidance, authenticity and relatability are vital in building credibility for your personal brand. It also helps  showcase empathy and form deeper, emotional connections with your prospects and patients. Our reality is shifting on a global scale and this is your opportunity to inspire, help spread positivity, and leave your stamp on the world. 

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Watch my IGTV video on the power of using video for your practice, especially during these trying times.

The fact of the matter is, you need to step outside your comfort zone – using video content not just right now, but over the lifespan of your practice. In any profession, not just the medical field, people tend to become complacent, too busy, or believe they’re doing “good enough.” There is ALWAYS an opportunity to do more, provide more value, sharpen skills, and make a true difference. You can make a genuine impact while still taking steps to build your personal brand and grow your business. It may be difficult to come up with the strategies and video ideas on your own, which is why we always recommend partnering with a digital marketing consultant. With that said, today we have a few ideas to help get you started. 

Video Content Improves Engagement Levels

There are a multitude of platforms, such as podcasts or webinars, that you can leverage to discuss new medical technology or findings, announce new products you’re excited about, walk through the in’s and out’s of different procedures, and differentiate your brand from competitors. We can’t stress enough how invaluable video content is to your everyday marketing strategy as well as during times of distress, like with COVID-19. 

You can use Facebook LIVE to recommend safety precautions, post a YouTube video with fun facts about your practice, or share educational content on Instagram. All of these outlets provide a gateway for you to showcase your value as a practitioner and engage with patients. 

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Videos Can Live & Be Viewed from Anywhere

We’re no longer living in an era of dial-up or solely desktop devices. Today, video is virtually everywhere – smartphones, tablets, laptops, you name it. Because of this, video content has the capacity to tap into a myriad of markets. That level of exposure is indispensable. Not only does it help foster brand advocates, but it gives you a medium to earn the trust of your audience and acquire new patients. Consider all the different types of videos you can create below. 

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7 Video Ideas for Your Medical Practice You Can Make Inside or Outside of the Office

Inspirational Videos

I’m fairly certain you didn’t take on massive student loans, an arduous workload, long hours, and even family sacrifices just to settle for “okay.” Funnel all that emotion, intelligence, and kindness into video content that could have a real impact on people’s lives. You have a gift – use it to show the world who you are. Use it to help people. Use your voice to make the world a better place. The community needs people like you, especially as we continue to face hard times. 

Q&A Videos

Encourage patients to email or post questions for you on social media. Once you’ve compiled some pretty juicy content, film yourself answering them. Some questions may even require a demonstration – so don’t shy away from getting your staff involved too. 

“A Day in the Life” Videos

These can showcase your day-to-day responsibilities as a medical professional or they can have absolutely nothing to do with your work. Patients love to see authenticity, so show that you too are a human being. Performing this simple task will go a long way, as it helps you form deep connections with your audience and show how much you truly care about helping others. 

Tips & Tricks

In light of our current situation, this is a perfect opportunity to provide your patients with “How-To’s” and tips on caring for themselves both mentally and physically. 

Thought Leadership Videos

Give people a peek into the inner workings of your mind by discussing your thoughts and ideas on improvements that can be made in your specific industry niche. Whether you’re in the aesthetic industry or you’re a primary care practitioner, be bold, share your opinions, and show people how together we can reshape the future for the better. 

Interview Videos

Whether you interview an industry expert, fellow colleague, or a patient, viewers are highly attracted to this type of content. Just make sure you get the proper approvals before releasing these videos on the internet.  

Patient Story Video

An effective way of inspiring others and drawing new patients into your practice is to showcase a patient story. These should be individuals whose lives have been changed because of your work. (Kudos!)

The moral of the story here is to get REAL by creating videos that use your gift to help others, spread compassion, and show the world your true self. You may not realize it, but your voice is important and it deserves to be heard. From your everyday experiences to your life as a spouse or parent, showcase your humanity to the world. 

If you need some inspiration, simply send us a message – we’ll take a look at your brand and give you a few video marketing tips at no cost. At the end of the day, it’s all about exercising creativity, building a distinct voice for your brand, and attracting your target audience with authentic and compelling video content. 

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