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Generating and Nurturing Leads for ROXY Plastic Surgery

From Problems to Profit

ROXY Plastic Surgery is an all-female plastic surgery center and med spa in Columbus, Ohio. With more than 1,800 satisfied patients, a five-star rating on RealSelf, and ratings that put Dr. Grawe among the top 5% of plastic surgeons in Ohio, the practice itself was thriving. Yet, online presence and referral traffic are crucial in order to sustain a successful plastic surgery practice.

The Problem

Prior to working with Mod Girl Marketing, ROXY Plastic Surgery had no lead follow-up process, no CRM software to manage patient communication, and little social media presence. They had minimal online activity, from searches to interactions. As a busy plastic surgeon, Dr. Grawe admitted she simply did not have the time to do more than post an occasional promotional blog.

Mod Girl's Solution

Through SEO-friendly content marketing and strategic lead generation strategies, Mod Girl transformed ROXY Plastic Surgery into a thriving brand online with a consistent flow of new leads each month. We utilized email marketing strategies to build a loyal community of email subscribers and social media marketing to build brand awareness and attract new leads. 

The Results

Initial results at our three-month follow-up were very encouraging, with a 335% increase in leads, 177% increase in Google searches, 1,560% increase in clicks and 957% increase in site impressions. Within the last 5 months of collaborating with Mod Girl Marketing, ROXY Plastic Surgery is reporting a 106% increase in leads and 85% increased conversion rate!

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ROXY Plastic Surgery Case Study

Plastic surgeons must have a robust healthcare marketing plan if they wish to stay relevant. If you are a cosmetic surgeon with an outdated brand and a digital marketing presence that fails to stand out from your competition, download our plastic surgery marketing case study and see how we helped a busy plastic surgeon that was trying to do it all. We’ll show you how we transformed ROXY Plastic Surgery into a thriving business online that generates hundreds of new leads each month. 

In the first three months of Mod Girl’s digital revamp, ROXY Plastic Surgery experienced these incredible results:

  • – Increased Leads by 335%
  • – Increased Website Traffic by 57%
  • – Increased Social Referral Traffic by 950%

Watch what Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe has to say about her experience working with Mod Girl.


Download Our Plastic Surgery Marketing Case Study

roxy plastic surgery internet marketing case study

  • Dr. K . Roxanne Grawe - ROXY Plastic SurgeryI am so happy that we chose to have Mod Girl Marketing take over our social media. I was trying to do it myself and therefore only posting every once in awhile. Since they took over last month – it has completely changed our online presence. Patients are much more engaged and following our posts, friends comment on how fun it is to see what ROXY Plastic Surgery is up to, and potential patients get to know us before coming to the office

    It’s nice to know it’s taken care of and happening while I’m focusing on taking care of patients. Mod Girl Marketing isn’t like a lot of other marketing firms – they truly learn who you are so that YOUR practice’s personality comes across the social media waves. It’s clearly worth the money to have Mod Girl promote your business – after establishing our social media hold more firmly, I plan to stop spending marketing dollars elsewhere..

    Dr. K . Roxanne Grawe – ROXY Plastic Surgery

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