Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

You've launched your website and have a digital brand presence. But chances are you are missing key opportunities to drive more traffic, boost revenue and see an increase in ROI.

Take the Mod Website Profits Quiz to see if you are leaving money on the table by failing to implement critical digital marketing strategies.

Learn Critical Website Optimization Tips

To Grow Revenue Fast!

  • Get insight on where you may be leaving money on the table and learn how you can quickly improve your digital presence with simple fixes. 
  • Find out what online tools you should be using for your business to help optimize your digital presence and track user behavior. 
  • Learn how you can create engaging content that converts. Having a strong content strategy will help you guide users towards a sale.
  • Use marketing automation to turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson. Get the insight you need to automate your website fast.

Is Your Success Story Next?

I reached out to Mod Girl to get some feedback on the user experience on my site, including ways to increase engagement and optimize content.

Mandy and her team performed a comprehensive audit that was very helpful. Great communication, responsiveness and tips – I walked away with many practical ideas that could be implemented right away. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

- Kim Pratt (HealthyPsych) 

We chose Mod Girl Marketing over a year ago and they have exceeded our expectations. They transformed our website into a highly functional site, improved our web searches and our monthly consults have increased. We’re constantly receiving positive feedback from our patients that found us online.

- Dr. David Halpern (Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery) 

After several SEO professionals I found Mod Girl Marketing and that is when things went in the right direction. Not only did I recover from bad SEO where my website was basically non-existent in search engines, but now my website ranks #1 for dozens of my keywords. Each month my results are still improving.

- Hillarry Pittsenbarger (Silver Bee Photography) 

A Word from the Author

When your website is up and running, looking good and attracting a bit of traffic and attention, its easy to "set it and forget it." But you are not truly competitive if you settle for a web presence that is just "good enough." If you aren't regularly working at and continuously improving your digital presence to get better results, then you could be leaving a big chunk of money on the table.

Some consultants charge high fees for access to their knowledge and expertise, but my team and I at Mod Girl Marketing have put together a tremendous amount of free, DIY marketing advice and resources like this Mod Profits Quiz, the content on our blog, and the downloads in the Mod Academy to help you grow as a business. And if you need more help, I offer a wide variety of coaching, consulting, and a-la-carte marketing solutions for busy companies. 

So take advantage of this free resource and learn how to grow your digital presence by taking the quiz today.

- Mandy McEwen