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5 Steps to Make the Most of Your RealSelf Profile

June 30, 2016 - 7 minutes read - Healthcare Marketing, Plastic Surgery Marketing

Why bother with RealSelf if you’re a plastic surgeon or medical doctor? Well, for starters, RealSelf has been around since 2006, but recently made it onto Inc Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing companies list — proving they’re not going away.

Consider these stats as well:

realself stats

Nearly half of people considering plastic surgery were influenced by something they saw or read on social media, according to one study. A plastic surgeon cited in that same report said that “roughly 60% of his business” comes from social media and online advertising. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

While sites like Facebook and Twitter have their place in medical news sharing, people tend not to speak about their plastic surgery experiences so publicly in these spaces. RealSelf allows users to remain more anonymous so they can share “whisper conversations” in such a way that makes it the “anti-social social network,” says RealSelf Founder & CEO Tom Seery.

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The website isn’t perfect. Miami Herald reported that some doctors involved in horrific incidents remained on the RealSelf site with a glut of positive reviews, but they’re looking to become thee authority on top-of-class medical service providers (much like Healthgrades). Recently, they made the call to remove doctors that lacked board certifications for areas in specialized aesthetic procedures. As they continue to tweak their strategy, we’re likely to see more and more people gravitate toward the site to read patient reviews and experiences, as well as find qualified medical practitioners.

So let’s dig in. How do you stand out from the competition on a site with over 7,000 doctor members? Here are five ways we’re helping plastic surgeons bulk up their presence on RealSelf…

realself profile

5 Steps to Make the Most of Your RealSelf Profile and Stand Out from the Competition

1. Claim your free profile.

RealSelf is no different than any other social network in that you need to be listed to be found. We recommend spending sufficient time adding ALL the procedures you perform, taking high-quality photos for the site, and completing every aspect of your profile — your address, before and after photos, and videos.

2. Consider an account upgrade.

A PRO account gives you the added benefits of:

  • Having no competitor doctor ads on your page
  • Having YOUR profile rotated on your competitors’ pages
  • Uncapped web traffic from RealSelf via your answers and profile
  • The freedom to post up to 3 special offers for your local market
  • A nicer profile layout showcasing expertise and photos
  • Priority in photo galleries
  • Alerts for locally asked questions

Another option is to upgrade to a Spotlight Account. You get all the PRO account benefits, with added perks like:

  • Click tracking
  • Call reporting
  • Promotion of Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Local rotation on RealSelf’s homepage
  • Extended directory listings
  • Profile spotlighted on Q&As and consumer reviews

Ninety percent of patients on RealSelf go to PRO and Spotlight doctors and 2 out of 3 consumers surveyed booked a consultation or procedure within 28 days of contacting a doctor via RealSelf, so it’s a good investment to make, in our humble opinion. You can read more about the benefits of an upgrade here.

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3. Answer questions posed by the community.

Answering just ONE question adds your phone number and a consultation request form to your profile, which are essential tools for lead generation. If you commit to answering at least 75 questions, you can earn RealSelf “Top Doctor” status (so long as you have at least 3 above average ratings, net positive votes on your answered questions, and commit to 10 new answers every 90 days to maintain your status.)

4. Manage your reviews.

If you have any negative comments, you can’t delete them. If you believe there is an error in one of the reviews, you can contact RealSelf with your dispute — which is always worth doing to keep your image in tact. To get your patients to leave you a kind word, we recommend email drip campaigns and promoting surveys or other feedback opportunities through marketing automation.

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5. Post a video.

RealSelf TV launched two years ago, offering cosmetic and plastic surgeons yet another way to take their marketing efforts to the next level. One of our clients, ROXY Plastic Surgery, has seen truly AMAZING, game-changing results by posting behind-the-scenes videos. Dr. Grawe recently had a breast augmentation Snapchat video that became the #1 video viewed on RealSelf that week. The video became a top referral source for out-of-towners to contact Dr. Grawe about breast augmentations. We’ve personally witnessed platforms like Snapchat totally blow up within the plastic surgery industry and it’s an area we’re most excited to see grow.

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