• janice-lavore-fletcher I LOVE actionable information, and Mandy’s T&C presentation delivered in spades. Mandy made her talk entertaining, informative, and extremely useful for anyone looking to grow their exposure and lead generation. I learned more in 30 minutes about the power and “secret” tools of LinkedIn than I have in the last 12 months! Her simple tips regarding commenting to “make people feel important,” her checklist of action items to increase engagement, and her transparency with her own best practices and results have really transformed my personal approach to LinkedIn. If you don’t currently follow her, you should start right now.

  • janice-lavore-fletcherMandy’s approach to maximizing the opportunity on LinkedIn is fresh and modern. Working with Mandy and the Luminetics team has helped increase our engagement rate via LinkedIn. Our team has learned in just 4 weeks how to better leverage social media to deliver value to our prospective customers and build more meaningful professional relationships for the long term. This investment will help increase both the quality of our connections and the quantity of our engagements with our current and future customers and will pay for itself many times over.

  • janice-lavore-fletcherMandy is a LinkedIn girl boss! She was the MVP at the Female Disruptors Summit and provided our audience with actionable steps on how to dominate their LinkedIn presence. Mandy’s energy is infectious and her session was engaging, fun, and most of all informative. If you are looking for a LinkedIn speaker who truly knows her stuff, I can’t say enough great things about Mandy.

  • janice-lavore-fletcherMandy presented a workshop on LinkedIn thought leadership for our membership of social media marketers and we were thoroughly pleased with the quality of the presentation, the way she used humor throughout, and how actionable her content was. Mandy brought great energy, insights, inspiration, and kept our members’ attention throughout, sometimes a difficult task in webinar-style presentations. I highly recommend her as a speaker or presenter for your business or event.

  • janice-lavore-fletcherI had a great experience working with Mandy and her team to help us increase our reach and engagement for social selling on Linkedin. I highly recommend working with them to increase content views, optimize profiles and target your audience.

  • bonnie-habyanMandy is hands down the best at what she does. Her team is efficient and effective at teaching and helping to implement LinkedIn strategies. It’s common in today’s market to find folks who provide presentations on how to leverage social media in your business. However, to find someone with the knowledge and the energy that Mandy brings who can inspire teams to actually adopt what she is teaching is a whole separate ball game. That’s what Mandy and her team have mastered. Our team left the training less than 48 hours ago with action items to implement and some have already seen an increase in engagement from their prospects. I can’t say enough good things about Mandy and Mod Girl!

  • bonnie-habyanWe were challenged with creating an effective and impactful strategy to heighten our presence on the rapidly changing world of LinkedIn and other social media channels.

    We reached out to Mod Girl Marketing for help, and within moments of reaching out we had a date set and strategy session going. Mandy and her team helped us create, plan out, and leverage our content marketing strategy so we can stand out in our industry.

    Almost immediately, we saw record engagement in our LinkedIn campaigns and learned valuable skillsets and techniques we can confidently use going forward. I highly recommend Mod Girl if you’re looking to significantly step up your game in social media engagement and meet your target goals. We’re already using them to assist our next campaign!

  • ed-tyburskyThe best thing about working with Mod Girl is having somebody that actually knows modern-day marketing. As my community grows, we’re starting to have different conversations that get us noticed in different realms, and it’s propelled me to be seen as a thought leader in this industry.

    I’m getting asked to speak and have different types of engagements. I think the secret is the consistency. I give the credit to Mod Girl because before we started working with them we didn’t do that.

    Ed Tybursky, CEO, Remend

The value they’ve created for us is difficult to measure because it’s so exponential to what we’ve worked on in the past.


  • google-executiveMod Girl enhanced my professional brand on LinkedIn. Working with them allowed me to expand my reach and build new connections that will have a lasting impact on my career. Thanks to Mod Girl, I’m now more confident in leveraging LinkedIn to build my thought leadership.

    Google Executive
  • google-executiveMandy is a standout presenter and educator on building your presence on LinkedIn. Mandy presented during a four-part workshop that I hosted for DigitalMarketer with a live audience and a large replay audience. One of Mandy’s biggest strengths is communicating effectively to the audience and anticipating what the audience will want to know. I was most impressed with how detailed she was. She’s also personable and engaging. Even as the host, she made me want to know more. I highly recommend Mandy as a presenter. You won’t be disappointed. I look forward to working with Mandy again.

  • darren-slemkoI reached out to Mod Girl wanting some help on how we can get more awareness for our brand online. They provided a very thorough digital marketing plan that exceeded my expectations. They had some great strategies on how we can weave the Tennier story into our marketing and LinkedIn content. Plus they introduced us to cause marketing and we loved their ideas. Working with Mod Girl was a very effective and professional experience.

    Darren Slemko, CEO, Tennier Sanitation
  • columbus-oh-plastic-surgeon-dr-roxanne-grawe-testimonialMandy and the Mod Girl team have articulately spread my message in an expert and professional way, leading to opportunities that I have wanted for years. They’ve nourished valuable connections which have led to speaking appearances, podcast appearances, and guest panels. They continue to land numerous opportunities, foster important relationships on my behalf, and showcase my thought leadership, all of which have immense value.

    As a plastic surgeon, I get approached by multiple agencies every week trying to land me as a client. I can 100% say that I chose the right agency to partner with in Mod Girl Marketing, as their expertise, kindness, connections, and passion for purpose are unparalleled and refreshing.

    Dr. Bill Kortesis – Bill Kortesis, MD, FACS
  • Michaela Guesman - Director of Marketing, OneDigitalIt’s been a pleasure working with Mod Girl Marketing. Their insights on SEO enabled us to really set the foundation for OneDigital’s blog and understand how to optimize our content. We greatly appreciate the fact that Mod Girl doesn’t simply hand us a “laundry list” of tasks, but rather they walk us through how to set up and implement everything properly to ensure we achieve our SEO goals!

  • lajolla.com
    LaJolla.com hired Mod Girl Marketing to do an assessment of our site, content and marketing efforts. They took their time to really get into our marketing channels, traffic and strategy and provided a great comprehensive report with specific actionable items to implement to get more out of our content development and marketing. They really helped us get a handle of what we needed to do in order to leverage our current content to expand and engage our audience.

    Ryan Mathys – LaJolla.com
  • columbus-oh-plastic-surgeon-dr-roxanne-grawe-testimonialI can’t say enough about Mod Girl – they have totally turned our website and social media marketing around. They are on top of making changes and maintaining so that you never get stale.

    The personal service is remarkable. The team is diverse in their skills and equipped to address every sort of online service you need. They are innovative and cutting edge. We are so happy with our service and outcomes! You shouldn’t think twice about Mod Girl Marketing – you need it!

    Dr. K . Roxanne Grawe – ROXY Plastic Surgery

She is someone who will respect your time by adding value to every single training and actually make you successful.

Judy Tian, Senior Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

  • Virtual GurusMandy and her team reviewed our web content strategy. They provided us with detailed, helpful suggestions on where to improve. In particular, Mandy gave me specifics on how to “dig deep” to find key words and phrases that would help our content rank better. I was really impressed and pleased with how much time her team spent reviewing our materials.

    Mod Girl doesn’t just do cookie cutter, generic reviews; they personalize their feedback and do a thorough job. Great information and experience working with them so far!

    Virtual Gurus
  • susie-dougherty-mediaspectrum-testimonialWe hired Mod Girl Marketing to assist with our B2B content marketing efforts.

    They continuously optimize our blog for our audience, increase our website traffic and help us grow our social media presence.

    Susie Dougherty – MediaSpectrum
  • Aaron Marcum - Home Care PulseWe have been impressed with Mod Girl’s approach and professionalism throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail has been appreciated by my entire marketing team and the many insights they’ve shared with us have been extremely helpful. Honestly, they have quickly become an extension of our marketing team in such a short period of time due to their responsiveness and strategic/consultative approach to marketing. We have truly benefited from investing in our partnership with Mod Girl and look forward to working with them long into the future.

    Aaron Marcum – Home Care Pulse
  • RobynSpoto-President-Head-ShotI hired Mandy and Mod Girl Marketing to build our website content strategy for top search rankings. MamaBear is such a helpful tool for parents we want to be quickly found during parents’ online research. Not only are our blog topics our top driver for visits to our site, but it’s also clear major media outlets have found MamaBear to include in news coverage due to Mod Girl’s efforts in ranking our website.

    Our SEO strategy is a large piece of our marketing foundation. Mandy’s personal attention to detail is stellar and I appreciate her integral participation on the MamaBear team.

    Robyn Spoto – MamaBear App
  • BomnipotentMandy was great to work with. In a short period of time we covered goal-setting including short-term and long-term goals; breaking the goals down into manageable steps to achieve; struggles that need to be overcome – both mental blocks and skills needed; and my “why” for growing a successful business. She is charismatic, caring, and to the point; so if you need some structure, organization, and expertise, she can help.

    Creighton Wong – Bomnipotent

Mandy’s biggest difference is that she is truly passionate about helping others succeed. She’s very giving with her time and advice.

Katie Martell, Marketing Entrepreneur, Speaker, Filmmaker

  • Chris Curran Fractal RecordingMy sessions with Mandy gave me so much clarity on how to make my marketing wildly effective. Her immediate insights and advice dissolved my confusion quickly; I’m glad she took charge. And like a true marketing Jedi there were some deeper benefits that I didn’t even realize until days after the call! Thanks Mandy – my business is humming along so well now!

    CHRIS CURRAN – Fractal Recording
  • Tina Rodriguez, About Face Inc.My business really needed a jump start. I had no website so my online presence was minimal. My search for a marketing company ended after my first meeting with Mandy. Mod Girl Marketing took the time to learn my business inside and out.

    Within a month I began to receive leads from multiple sources; my new website, Facebook and Twitter. The online exposure combined with the outstanding customer service provided by Mod Girl has surpassed my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Mod Girl Marketing to anyone looking to move their business to the next level.

    Tina Rodriguez, CPCP – About Face, Inc.
  • jessica-cummings-barkman-honeyWe hired Mod Girl Marketing to analyze our website analytics and help with the SEO of our new website. Mod Girl updated our webpages with the appropriate keywords for SEO and showed us how visitors are behaving on our website. They help us understand what is going on with our website traffic and how to keep visitors better engaged.

    Every month Mod Girl provides analytics reports plus visitor recordings and heat maps so we have a clear picture of what pages need improvement. In addition, they provide recommendations to improve user experience and conversions. Overall Mod Girl is great to work with and our marketing team finds value in their services.

    Jessica Cummings – Barkman Honey

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