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Our soul purpose is to add value, not noise. We build powerful online ecosystems for purpose-driven companies who want their message to inspire, be impactful, and revolutionize the way we think. By leveraging content marketing, storytelling, PR, social media, and relationship building, we help companies pave a fresh path forward – one that grabs attention, transforms minds, creates authority, and drives revenue. Simply put, we make brands matter.

Holistic Demand Generation
Marketing for Companies

Mod Girl provides unparalleled demand generation marketing services. In an age where your brand ecosystem is everything, we offer a holistic approach to your digital branding, marketing, and PR so you can effectively grow your revenue, build a powerful brand, and make a greater impact. Using a buyer-centric strategy, we build awareness, thought leadership, and educate your audience. Genuine brands have the power to connect with their target customers on a deeper level – we’ll provide the blueprint on how you can achieve all this and more.

Thought Leadership Marketing for Companies & Professionals

Mod Girl provides thought leadership marketing, consulting, and training for purpose-driven professionals and companies who want to make a bigger and meaningful impact. We’ve perfected the art of positioning your expertise and passion in a way that establishes authority in your respective field and solidifies your credibility. Consumers aren’t buying into what you do, they’re buying into why you do it. Let’s showcase the human element behind your company, craft your “why,” and clearly articulate your brand mission.

Personal Branding for Trailblazing Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Mod Girl builds powerful personal brands for C-Suite thought leaders, innovative physicians, Medtech trailblazers, healthcare industry advisors, and hungry entrepreneurs. Your brand is the aesthetic representation of your business – and people want authentic, meaningful connections. Platforms like LinkedIn provide a valuable space for you to deliver your message, create more authority, build awareness, and achieve your professional goals. Our reputation building and marketing services were designed to help you build an influential brand and unlock new opportunities for growth.

  • columbus-oh-plastic-surgeon-Kortesis-bio-testimonialMandy and the Mod Girl team have articulately spread my message in an expert and professional way, leading to opportunities that I have wanted for years. They continue to land numerous opportunities, foster important relationships on my behalf, and showcase my thought leadership, all of which have immense value. I can 100% say that I chose the right agency to partner with in Mod Girl Marketing, as their expertise, kindness, connections, and passion for purpose are unparalleled and refreshing.

    Dr. Bill Kortesis – H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery
  • columbus-oh-plastic-surgeon-dr-roxanne-grawe-testimonialMod Girl Marketing isn’t like a lot of other marketing firms – they truly learn who you are so that YOUR practice’s personality comes across the social media waves. It’s clearly worth the money to have Mod Girl promote your business. We are so happy with our service and outcomes!

    Dr. K . Roxanne Grawe – ROXY Plastic Surgery
  • Michaela Guesman - Director of Marketing, OneDigitalIt’s been a pleasure working with Mod Girl Marketing. Their insights on SEO enabled us to really set the foundation for OneDigital’s blog and understand how to optimize our content. We greatly appreciate the fact that Mod Girl doesn’t simply hand us a “laundry list” of tasks, but rather they walk us through how to set up and implement everything properly to ensure we achieve our SEO goals!

    Michaela Guesman – OneDigital
  • Aaron MarcumWe have been impressed with Mod Girl's approach and professionalism throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail has been appreciated by my entire marketing team and the many insights they’ve shared with us have been extremely helpful. Honestly, they have quickly become an extension of our marketing team in such a short period of time due to their responsiveness and strategic/consultative approach to marketing. We have truly benefited from investing in our partnership with Mod Girl and look forward to working with them long into the future.

    Aaron Marcum – Home Care Pulse
  • hired Mod Girl Marketing to do an assessment of our site, content and marketing efforts. They took their time to really get into our marketing channels, traffic and strategy and provided a great comprehensive report with specific actionable items to implement. They really helped us get a handle of what we needed to do in order to leverage our current content to expand and engage our audience.

    Ryan Mathys –
  • jessica-cummings-barkman-honeyEvery month Mod Girl provides analytics reports plus visitor recordings and heat maps so we have a clear picture of what pages need improvement. In addition, they provide recommendations to improve user experience and conversions. Overall Mod Girl is great to work with and our marketing team finds value in their services.

    Jessica Cummings – Barkman Honey

Want to Leverage LinkedIn to Create Endless Growth Opportunities?

With 260 million active monthly users, LinkedIn has a world of opportunity for you to tap into. From building and cultivating new relationships to influencing the conversation in your respective field, creating an impactful presence on LinkedIn can lead to things like increasing brand equity, enhancing business growth opportunities, and more.

So, how do you put your expertise on display and make a bigger impact? It all starts with strategically positioning your profile for maximum views and replies. Grab our Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist to find out exactly how you should optimize your profile.


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Mod Girl Named Top 20 Digital Marketing Agency



Mandy McEwen Named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn


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Mandy McEwen Named a Top 20 Female Marketer to Follow by G2


Mod Girl Press

Mod Girl Press

Watch Mandy on LinkedIn's Live Show

Mandy had the pleasure of guest-starring on LinkedIn’s award-winning show, Live With Marketers, where they discussed the challenges marketers face with ROI before delving into tips on more effective ways to measure it. Click here to watch the episode.

Mandy McEwen LinkedIn Show

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Coaching and Advising by Mandy McEwen

After starting Mod Girl® in 2010, Mandy has provided one-on-one support for numerous professionals and companies looking to perfect their craft and maximize their impact. Named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn and a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2, Mandy offers innovative and personalized guidance integral in achieving business success.

These include: clarifying your vision, crafting your brand story, strategizing your action plan, improving your mindset, and using thought leadership as a pathway to new business opportunities. To learn more about working one-on-one with Mandy, send an email here to get the conversation rolling.


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  • Larry Kim, WordstreamI invited Mandy to share how to attract top-grade agency clients at the MobileMonkey Marketing Agency Growth Accelerator Summit. It was a top-rated session filled with practical, actionable, effective processes. She's created such a valuable resource for agency owners through the community and training programs she hosts. Mandy is a unicorn in marketing entrepreneurship.

    Larry Kim – CEO of MobileMonkey, Founder of Wordstream
  • Jason Swenk, Agency Growth ConsultantAs someone that has been helping other agency owners grow their agency faster, there are tons of self-proclaimed "gurus" that are simply out to help themselves only. It's refreshing to find someone like Mandy, who genuinely cares about helping agency owners get to the next level.

    Jason Swenk – Author & Agency Growth Consultant
  • Karl Sakas, Agency Growth ConsultantMandy is dedicated to helping agencies scale. As a fellow consultant, I've seen it through her Mod Agency Insiders community, her involvement in INBOUND, and her lineup of products to help agencies and creative entrepreneurs. (And I've gotten some great insights on Facebook marketing from our collaboration.)

    Karl Sakas – Agency Expert, President of Sakas & Co.
  • Brandon O. - Agency OwnerJust months after joining RAS and being coached by Mandy I have already doubled my monthly reoccurring revenue. However, even with the business success I’ve seen, the thing I most value about working with Mandy is that she gave me my confidence back. I charge far more than I did before and it has allowed me to hire help. Now I can focus on working ON my business instead of in it every day

    Brandon O. – Agency Owner
  • Katie C. - Agency OwnerRemote Agency Society is full of great resources and support! The proposal templates and guidance helped me close my 1st $20K contract within 30 days of leaving my corporate job! I highly recommend Mandy and the RAS program.

    Katie C. – Agency Owner
  • Justin H. - Agency OwnerWorking with Mandy and joining RAS helped streamline our operations to reduce our new client intake by a full 2 weeks and has helped us position our offerings into more attractive packages closing at $10k+ per deal

    Justin H. – Agency Owner

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