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To make the most of today’s people-led marketplace, brands must reach and engage their audience in a personal, immersive way. By communicating your story and creating experiences that humanize your brand, you can forge genuine connections with your audience – and emotional currency is imperative for success. Through influential messaging and compelling media, we help companies and professionals disrupt the norm, become industry thought leaders, and shape the future. Are you ready to make a bigger impact?

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What You Can Expect by Partnering With Mod Girl Marketing


Average increase in new lead generation after 6 months


Average number of organic first page rankings per company


Average increase in social media reach after 6 months


Average conversion rate increase per month

Meaningful Marketing Solutions for Innovative Brands

We don’t just generate awareness and leads, we create demand. By employing a buyer-centric strategy, we help educate and inspire your audience, so people are coming to you for your products or services rather than your sales team chasing down prospects. We give you a growth platform to influence, inspire, and create endless opportunities for growth. Our mission is to drive meaningful growth –– providing shorter sales cycles and significantly higher win rates. 

Thought Leadership

Increase your impact and help influence the future of your industry by demonstrating your expertise and solidifying your credibility within your field. Earn trust, expand your reach, and achieve your business goals. 

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Content Marketing

Improve branding through storytelling – hone in on the right keywords and target markets to boost engagement. Discover new opportunities for thought leadership, business collaborations, and social interaction using the latest industry tools.

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Creative Strategy

We implement a demand generation strategy that accounts for every touchpoint in the consumer’s journey; creating a roadmap for artful brand messaging and metrics for success.

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Relationship Building

By building and cultivating relationships, you can unlock new growth opportunities, broaden your visibility, and help solidify your reputation as a thought leader in your field. 

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Public Relations

Employing strategic communication, we help enhance your image and amplify your message. Through a personalized PR campaign, you’ll build recognition, improve SEO, and establish an influential brand.

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Search Engine Optimization

From on-page to off-page SEO, our holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization focuses on providing meaningful content and improving the user experience through technical excellence.

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Social Media Marketing

Brands with a conscience and personality excel. Uncover ways to make your voice heard, engage your audience, and maintain a competitive presence in the ever-evolving social realm. 

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LinkedIn Marketing

Learn how to position your company page and individual profile(s) to leverage LinkedIn strategically. By doing so, you can put your expertise on display, make a bigger impact, expand your reach, and be a vehicle for change in your field.

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Thought Leadership Coaching & Advising

For over a decade, our founder Mandy McEwen, has been navigating the ever-changing field of online marketing & digital branding. After starting Mod Girl® in 2010, Mandy has helped numerous companies establish a meaningful presence as credible thought leaders in their respective fields. Named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn and a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2, Mandy has provided invaluable consulting and training for ambitious brands and thought leaders who are ready to propel their success to new heights.

Through Mandy’s humanized marketing consulting, thought-leadership advising, and LinkedIn training, you’ll receive one-on-one support from a forward-thinking, innovative, and experienced professional. As a reputable thought leader herself, Mandy provides an invaluable soundboard for you to brainstorm, clarify your vision, and gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. To learn more about hiring Mandy, please click the button below to contact us.

Mod Girl® Named a Top 20 Digital Marketing Agency of 2020

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Who We Partner With

We collaborate with clients across a myriad of industries, including but not limited to: Healthcare, Technology, MedTech, Finance, Architecture, and Professional Services.

Ambitious Brands

We love working with humanity-obsessed brands that want to disrupt, be a force for positive change, and make life better for people. Whether you’re for-profit or non-profit, we’re here to bring your mission to life.

C-Suite Thought Leaders

We broaden visibility and activate audiences to help executives voice their message through thought leadership. Share your company’s message, evolve your brand, and segue into the next level of growth for your organization.


Whether you’re a trailblazing physician, marketing, or tech entrepreneur that has begun seeing the success of your hard work, we help maximize your impact and connect with your target audience to uncover new opportunities for growth.

We Aren't The Norm, We Are The Changemakers

  • hired Mod Girl Marketing to do an assessment of our site, content and marketing efforts. They took their time to really get into our marketing channels, traffic and strategy and provided a great comprehensive report with specific actionable items to implement. They really helped us get a handle of what we needed to do in order to leverage our current content to expand and engage our audience.

    Ryan Mathys –
  • RobynSpoto-President-Head-ShotNot only are our blog topics our top driver for visits to our site, but it’s also clear major media outlets have found MamaBear to include in news coverage due to Mod Girl’s efforts in ranking our website. Our SEO strategy is a large piece of our marketing foundation.

    Robyn Spoto – MamaBear App

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