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Agency Growth Expert Jason Swenk Goes Live with Mandy McEwen in Facebook Group

April 26, 2018 - 4 minutes read - Business Growth, Facebook

When it comes to agency growth, having the correct systems in place is key. Whether you’re generating leads on LinkedIn, closing a client on the phone, or hiring a freelancer to help you scale your remote agency, streamlined systems allow you to work faster and avoid mistakes that can hurt your growth efforts.

Last week, agency growth expert Jason Swenk joined our founder and CEO, Mandy McEwen, inside our free Facebook group for an exclusive live interview. Check out a snippet of the video below, and join Mod Agency Insiders to watch the full interview.

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Mod Agency Insiders Facebook Group

Jason Swenk and Mandy McEwen Talk Agency Growth in Facebook Group Mod Agency Insiders

Mandy McEwen helps marketing entrepreneurs and remote agency owners overcome common problems and achieve their goals inside our free Facebook group. In addition to daily posts on everything from setting goals to SEO to lead generation, she hosts regular Facebook Live sessions, often inviting a fellow agency growth expert to join her.

Check out a snippet of her Facebook Live interview with Jason Swenk below, where they discussed the importance of choosing the right client to target:

Jason, who has joined Mandy for Facebook Live sessions in the past, is a coach for advertising, digital, media, and PR agencies. After quitting his day job to start his own digital agency, Jason quickly scaled it to a multi-million dollar operation working with brands from AT&T, Hitachi, and Lotus Cars.

He sold his agency in 2012 and now spends his time helping fellow entrepreneurs scale their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Over 20,000 agencies from around the world have used Jason’s agency growth framework, and he shares his insights frequently through his podcast, blog, digital resources, and more.

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3 Must-Have Systems to Boost Conversion Rates and Scale Your Remote Agency

Jason joined Mandy inside our Facebook group to discuss the 3 essential systems to grow your remote agency. In their value-packed, hour-long interview, Jason and Mandy discussed:

  • PROSPECTING: Determine if a lead is right for you before pursuing them to ensure you’re not working with the wrong clients.
  • SALES: Increase your conversion rate and actually turn your dream leads into clients.
  • OUTSOURCING: Scale your business and take on more clients with effective delegation.

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Get More Insights from Agency Growth Expert Jason Swenk

Looking for even more agency growth insights from Jason Swenk? Check out his free weekly podcast: Smart Agency Masterclass.

He’s been sharing weekly podcasts for 3 years now, and Mandy even joined him to discuss using collaboration and contractors to grow a remote agency in January 2018.

Listen to Jason Swenk’s Weekly Podcast Now.

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