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The Best Sales and Marketing Software for Agencies [Contributed Blog]

February 12, 2019 - 10 minutes read - Guest Post, Marketing Tools

There are a lot of options for sales and marketing software for agencies out there; but, when it comes to choosing a platform for your agency and the clients you serve, it’s not a one-size-fits-all decision.

And while it isn’t always an easy decision, fortunately, it’s not one that you have to make on your own. Here are a few things you should look for when evaluating a new sales and marketing platform. We’re also glad to share with you some that, we think, are the best options for sales and marketing software for agencies like yours.

What Do You Need in Sales and Marketing Software?

Before you start looking for the best sales and marketing software for top digital agencies like yours, stop and think about what exactly you need. If you’re not sure, here are a few of the most common features of sales and marketing software for agencies:

  • CRM and sales pipeline tracking
  • Email design and campaign scheduling
  • Workflow automation
  • Reporting and analytics

There may be other features that are important to you depending on your agency offerings and client needs. That’s when it’s important to consider whether your budget allows an end-to-end solution with all of the bells and whistles or whether you’re better off building a marketing stack of integrated tools.

Once you have a clear picture of exactly what your agency needs, you can evaluate your options and see which provides the best fit for your agency and your clients.

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The Top Sales and Marketing Software for Agencies

Now that you know what your agency needs, discover our top choices for sales and marketing software for agencies.


Whether you already have a CRM in place or you’re a first-timer looking to implement one for your agency and clients, the most important thing is to have one. A CRM software can change your business and your life when used properly. It’s the foundation of a sales and marketing process, so finding the right one is important.

  • Insightly: Users love Insightly because it’s so customizable. While the platform has a lot of valuable features in-app, a big selling point is its wide range of integration options. If you’re looking to build up a marketing stack alongside your CRM, you’ll want to check out Insightly.
  • Salesforce: If you’ve got a generous budget and you’re looking for a CRM that has just about everything, Salesforce’s CRM is the way to go. For many agencies, it may be overkill. But if you spend the time and money to learn the ins and outs, it’s a wildly powerful tool.

Email Marketing

Managing your email marketing activities is a full-time job, but the right software will free up a significant amount of your time for other important tasks. Here are two options to help you get your email marketing under control:

  • Campaign Monitor: If you’re looking for a tool that goes all in on email marketing, Campaign Monitor is it. Their platform includes hundreds of pre-designed email templates that will make any of your clients happy. It also features an awesome visual designer that allows you to make the customer journey from a subscriber to a sale.
  • Emma: Emma often flies under the radar, but their robust platform is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. With the ability to manage and share controls of campaigns, A/B test your emails and send dynamic content, they’ve got all of the features an agency could want to fit the needs of clients big and small.
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Being able to automate your workflow and let basic or repetitive tasks run on their own not only is a great timesaver but also ensures that everything is done the same way every time. If you need automation software, here are a couple of great choices:

  • LeadSquared Marketing Automation: LeadSquared’s dedicated marketing automation platform excels thanks to funnel automation, instant sales reporting and other features that integrate seamlessly with popular CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to automatically load your data and campaign information into the platform of your choice.
  • Pardot: Pardot features streamlined lead management, smart lead generation, and workflow automation to manage email campaigns and sales alignment. Plus, it’s a Salesforce product so it’s ready to integrate with software that many marketing agencies already use.


As an agency, is there anything more important than being able to provide your clients with the metrics they want to see as soon as they want to see them? Having end-to-end analytics at your fingertips is possible with the tools below.

  • Google Analytics: Does it get better than free? Google Analytics is a valuable tool for businesses of any size. With easy implementation, the ability to set and track custom goals and easy-to-interpret dashboards, Google Analytics is the perfect jumping off point for client reporting.
  • Kissmetrics: If you need something a bit more sophisticated, Kissmetrics is worth a look. The platform claims to be “built to help marketers and growth teams increase conversions, engagement, and retention.” They offer deep integrations alongside other software you might be using and also allow you to trigger campaigns based on engagement.
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All-in-One Solutions

Sometimes, you just need one tool that can do it all. This is especially true if you have a number of different needs and don’t want to rely on multiple software suites to keep everything running. Here are three options to consider if you’re looking for a complete campaign solution for your agency:

  • Hatchbuck: Hatchbuck is an award-winning all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform built specifically with agencies in mind. If you need a solution with all of the power of many of the tools on this list at a cheaper price tag, look no further. Add to that their next-level customer service and you’ve got everything your agency needs to address all of your clients’ challenges.
  • HubSpot Marketing: Featuring everything from website design to advanced lead generation and customer tracking, HubSpot Marketing provides an all-in-one tool to manage every aspect of your clients’ marketing campaigns.
  • ActiveCampaign: By combining email marketing management, marketing automation, messaging and sales into a single package with a world-class CRM, ActiveCampaign works to give you everything you need to manage a marketing campaign all in one place.
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The Best of All Worlds

As you evaluate the various options for sales and marketing software for agencies, you may find that some offerings do more than you need while others don’t offer quite enough. At the same time, you might discover features you’d never even considered but now simply can’t do without.

Every agency has different needs, so don’t be afraid to check out multiple options before making a decision. It may take a little longer, but putting in your due diligence will ensure that you find the software option that’s an absolutely perfect fit for your agency’s needs.

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