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Bustling businesses have no time to fret over websites that aren’t performing. Mod Girl Marketing is a small full-service agency that excels in responsiveness and results. We take care of your business as if it’s our own and work tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied. Whether you’re looking for a consulting session to learn how to DIY, improved functionality and appearance for your website, or a fully automated online marketing package, Mod Girl Marketing can do it all! Instead of entrusting your branding to amateurs, call our experienced professionals with over a decade of experience in building and maintaining a successful web presence for business clients.

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Mod Girl Marketing works with fledgling businesses and budding startups to create custom online branding campaigns in tune with your goals and tailored to blow your competition away! We can do everything from creating your company logo and designing a business website, to maintaining a blog and executing all your social media marketing.

Rebranding a company can be a powerful game-changer. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to clarify what your business stands for, you’ve expanded your product line, you need a reputation reboot, or you’re looking to compete. Sometimes you’re just tired of the same old, same old. Whatever the case may be, Mod Girl Marketing works with established companies big and small to create a brand image that’s in line with your company goals.

You are a great candidate for business branding if…

Big Marketing Agencies

  • Your company is brand new. Many a mistake is made when startups piecemeal an online marketing strategy. Instead, sit down with an experienced consultant and design a comprehensive game plan to achieve specific sales objectives. Learn how a website, blog, social media, PPC ads, local listings, press releases, newsletters and email marketing can bring you a huge return on investment to get your enterprise off the ground. We’ll work with you to create a streamlined appearance that prospects will remember.
  • Your website is failing to attract significant traffic. There are many opinions on how much traffic a website should get. Some say that 1,000 unique visitors a month is a decent stat to shoot for – if you’re a smaller startup, anyway. HubSpot found that companies with more employees tended to have more visitors on average. Also, companies that pitched to consumers, rather than other businesses, tended to have triple the number of visitors. A B2C company with less than 10 employees may range from 149 to 276 visitors a week. On the other hand, a B2C company with 200 or more employees should be bringing in around 5,028 visitors a week. We can help you regroup and start getting on an upward trajectory. More eyes landing on your page means more sales!
  • You’re not converting traffic into sales. Naturally, traffic isn’t everything. What good is it if you get 5,000 people coming to your Kansas roofing page if these people do not live in Kansas and do not plan on hiring a roofing contractor in the near future? Quality of traffic matters, too. That can be achieved through diligent keyword research, thoughtful web copy and blog content, targeted social media marketing, and improved PPC advertising. Studies show the average conversion rate should be 2 to 10 percent, depending on your industry.
  • Your social media pages fail to send traffic to your site. In 2012, half of all internet users (ages 18 to 23) and 43 percent of users (ages 24 to 32) used social networks as their go-to-internet-discovery resource, according to a report by Forrester Research. Overall, a third of Americans are using sites like Facebook and Twitter to discover content, seek answers and get referrals. We specialize in creating and automating social media posts that will grow your online empire consistently.
  • Your website isn’t on page 1 of Google for top industry keywords. The top Google result gets a third of all traffic for a competitive keyword. Furthermore, 75% of internet users do not look past the first page of search engine results to find the information they’re looking for. If your business website doesn’t come out on top, you don’t stand a chance at competing. A revamped website isn’t just about design aesthetics; it’s about back-end tweaking, proper optimization, and content generation that can make your website more visible to search engine robots and the public at large.

Mod Personal Branding

Mod Real Estate Branding

Mod Girl Marketing offers branding packages for a wide variety of entrepreneurs, including: realtors, coaches, financial advisors, business consultants, nutritionists, psychics, fitness professionals, photographers, filmmakers, authors, musicians, restaurateurs, app creators, Silicon Valley inventors, and skilled tradesmen – to name a few!

Customized Business Branding Packages

Business Branding Package All Weather

We’ve simplified some of our most popular services into branding packages that you can choose to get better bang for your buck. Or, if you prefer, you can pick and choose which services you need. We are more than happy to fulfill one crucial niche in your marketing strategy or customize a package directly tailored to your needs.

Mod Identity Branding Packages

Modern Branding Package

Mod Girl Marketing’s team of designers create stunning, identity branding packages for digital and print use. Whether your business is in need of new business cards, proposal design, brochure design, logo design, banner ad designs, or any other branding materials, we’ve got you covered!

Why Mod Girl Branding Packages?

Not only do we set up these social media pages for you with amazing graphics and proper optimization, but we give you the social media blueprint necessary to reach your target market and build your brand the right way! All social media networks will be integrated and we can even integrate them with your website.

We offer personalized marketing consultations and recommendations for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn & YouTube from social media experts with a proven track record of success.
Logo Creation or Re-Design
Add the development of a custom logo onto any branding package at a discount rate!

Social Media Maintenance

Get the royal treatment with this full-service social media suite!

  • Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and Google+ entries written by experienced copywriters
  • Routine post scheduling for all social media sites
  • Tracking of key indicators of engagement (such as comments, “Likes,” shares, mentions)
  • Tireless promotion of your website, blog and special offers

Learn more about our social media maintenance packages here.

Social Media Branding Consultations

Our no-obligation social media consultation allows you the freedom to choose whether you’d like Mod Girl Marketing to maintain your social networks, do everything yourself, or even hire someone else. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what will get your business noticed on the internet.

Social media marketing is not just about posting content. You need to know what type of content will get you the results you desire. You’ll need to know what time to post, how frequently to post, what verbiage to use, how to grow your networks and how to drive engagement to obtain that highly-coveted, free word-of-mouth advertising and referral business.

Sample Business Branding

Mod Girl Marketing can be a valuable asset to your business branding. Need some branding package ideas before you make the leap? Here’s a few of our past branding packages we’ve designed for clients:

Business Branding Package Prez Limos

This Mod Business Branding Package included:

  • SEO-friendly, WordPress website re-design
  • Keyword and Market research
  • Social Media Branding Package – Professional setup and custom graphics for: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube
  • Digital Marketing Consulting

real estate social media branding

This Mod Real Estate Branding package included:

  • Custom Facebook Page Creation and Optimization
  • Custom Facebook “Like” Page Creation
  • Custom Twitter Page Creation and Optimization
  • Social Media Consulting

But don’t just take our word for it: have a look at what we’ve done in the past! Also, hear what other business owners have to say about working with us!

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