Why Building Connections Will Make You A Thought Leader

May 26, 2020 - 2 minutes read - Mod Marketing, Thought Leadership

People do business with people they like.

Regardless of how good you may be in your field.

So how do you get people to like you?

One easy, simple way:

By communicating with them more. 

And I don’t mean stalking them or repeatedly pestering them with a sales pitch. 

I’m talking real, genuine CONNECTION. 

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In this clip, I talk about communication from a 1-on-1 standpoint. 

Yes, that’s powerful. 

But I also want you to think about the omnipresence communication approach. 

It’s quite simple yet it requires effort. 

Build trust & credibility by sharing helpful & valuable content. 

It doesn’t have to be on every channel.

Even combining LinkedIn content with email communication is an omnichannel approach that builds likability and trust. 

When done consistently, people start feeling connected to you – even if you’ve never spoken with them 1-on-1.

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You become a thought leader.

People REMEMBER you.

All of those things translate into more success and more impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive, a business owner, or an entrepreneur, share your unique gift with the world, & watch what happens.

Watch the video below to learn why it’s important to build genuine connections as a leader.

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