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Improving User Experience and Increasing Engagement for HealthyPsych

From Problems to Profit

Kimberly Pratt is a San Francisco-based licensed clinical social worker that is passionate about helping people lead happy, healthy, and “big” lives through counseling, articles, forums and tools based on cognitive behavioral science and mindfulness theory. She founded HealthyPsych with the intention of it being a valuable resource for a wide range of mental health topics. HealthyPsych invested in valuable user experience consulting before redesigning their website.

The Problem

Their short-term goal was better targeting and engagement. They needed to figure out user experience issues like page loading speed, wrong content match from searches and design failures causing a high bounce rate. Visitors were quickly leaving the site — and, naturally, they wanted to know why.

Mod Girl's Solution

Mod Girl performed a comprehensive website audit and provided feedback regarding the user experience on their site, including ways to increase engagement and optimize content. Split testing and mobile optimization were crucial to the site overhaul. We also recommended changes to font, top navigation, content, graphics, and calls to action.

The Results

HealthyPsych team members implemented a few of our suggestions immediately, which led to measurable results one month later. Simply by moving their eye-catching information above the fold, their most important pages saw 87.33% more views and their bounce rate decreased 3%. Engaged readers spent 9% longer reading content.

  • Kimberly Pratt - HealthPsychI reached out to Mod Girl to get some feedback on the user experience on my site, including ways to increase engagement and optimize content. Mandy and her team performed a comprehensive audit that was very helpful. Great communication, responsiveness and tips – I walked away with many practical ideas that could be implemented right away. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Kim Pratt – HealthyPsych

Gain valuable feedback on your website’s user experience and content before launch with a website and analytics audit.

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