B2B Content Marketing Success Mediaspectrum

B2B Content Marketing Success

Increasing Brand Awareness and Traffic for Mediaspectrum

From Problems to Profit

Mediaspectrum is a fast-growing cloud company that provides content management solutions and order management to large media outlets like The Washington Post, New York Post and Dow Jones. The cloud-based technology firm contacted us to help them clarify and simplify their website content and social media messages to improve audience engagement and conversions.

The Problem

Mediaspectrum’s blog was nonexistent and social media was lacking. Their main site had plenty of content, but it did not clearly define their business. Potential clients who visited their website were leaving without a clear understanding of what Mediaspectrum did or offered. Their technology covers a LOT of ground, so they needed a content strategy that built better brand awareness.

Mod Girl's Solution

The Mod Girl team conducted a thorough website audit and devised a marketing strategy that fostered thought leadership and growth. Through keyword analysis, on-page optimization techniques and professional copywriting, we were able to clarify their website and social media messages. The creation of an unbiased industry blog to build trust was crucial to their success.

The Results

After a year of working together, Mediaspectrum witnessed a 52.47% increase in social media traffic, with double the traffic to their main landing page. Referral traffic from direct and social media searches went up 261.44%. More than a quarter of all visitors to the blog are repeat visitors who are returning to read newly posted articles or return to older posts for information.

  • Susie Dougherty - MediaspectrumWe hired Mod Girl Marketing to assist with our B2B content marketing efforts. They continuously optimize our blog for our audience, increase our website traffic and help us grow our social media presence.

    Susie Dougherty – Mediaspectrum

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