What Type Of Content Should You Post On LinkedIn?

September 6, 2021 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategy

How personal is “too personal” on LinkedIn?

I’ve embraced sharing personal content on this platform, and it continues to pay off.

But, not everyone thinks that personal posts belong here.

It’s a business platform, after all, they say. People come here for business content.

Sure, LinkedIn is different from Facebook or Instagram. (Hallelujah)

People don’t want to see what you ate for lunch (although I don’t care to see that on any platform).

With that said, I’m a big believer in showing the personality behind your brand. 

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Get personal.

But, remember, there is always a “line.” 

And it’s not always crystal clear where that line begins and ends and if you are crossing it.

Everyone’s line is a little different depending on their business, their target audience, their goals.

So, what are your thoughts and tips on sharing personal posts on LinkedIn?

How often? How personal?

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