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5 Customer Experience Tools Marketers Should Be Using

April 17, 2021 - 6 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Marketing Tools

Understanding customers’ needs is at the core of every business’s success. Good marketing is focused on searching for the pain of the target audience and showing the customer how the product can solve this issue. 

Customer insight is information about customer behavior. It is collected from different channels and shows the bigger picture of who your customer is, what he desires and what is his way of thinking. How can you understand what your customer wants? Well, there are different methods, such as questionnaires, market research, and surveys. Special tools can ease the process of this information gathering. 

1. Bots and messengers

A simple but effective tool to communicate with your clients. Website chatbots make an impression of a conversation with a live person and collect clients’ data at the same time. Analyzing questions people ask or the articles they click in the chatbot you can better understand what they are searching for on your website, is your information clear for them. 

Among the most popular conversation tools are Intercom, Zendesk, Drift. Intercom not only has functionality for chats but also for sending emails, creating website pop-ups and banners. Drift helps to provide information for visitors and drive leads through the sales funnel. 

2. Keywords analytical tools

Using keyword analytical tools you can confirm or refute your assumptions about terms people are searching for. It shows the frequency of the particular term search and the rate of competition. Knowing which words are the most popular you can build your content strategy to attract the target audience.

As for the tools, you can do without buying a professional SEO package and use such free options as Google Trends or Keyword Planner in Google AdWords. 

The first one shows how popular one or another request is at the moment. For example, you are hesitating about which topic is more interesting for your audience. Compare both options with Trends and you will see which one is worth to be used. It will help you to create sought-after content.

If you want to get more functions and are ready to pay for it, choose between SEMrush, Ahref, and Serpstat. 

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3. Visitor activity tracking

Study the visitors’ activity right on your website with the lead tracking tools. You can see which companies visited your website and how many visitors from this company were interested in your product. This function is essential for B2B companies because it allows your sales team to boost the lead generation process. 

Analyze visitor’s intentions by checking the pages they visit. For example, if a certain visitor opened your blog and left right after finishing the reading you could see that he was not interested in your services. At the same time, when several employees from a certain company visit such pages as, for example, testimonials, pricing, services, they are obviously interested in your company. Study their profile to understand how you can help their business and make a deal.

To find out which potential clients visit your website go to WatcherMe web tracking software is a powerful helper for any lead generation team. In addition, it tracks where the visitor came from – direct search, paid advertising, social media, etc. 

4. Social media management

It’s important to plan your content strategy in the social media profiles, especially when you use an omnichannel approach. Consider the characteristics of every social media and the interests of the audience which is present there to create suitable content. Social media is one of the easiest ways to understand what your customers like. After sharing a post or Stories you can immediately see how the audience reacts: comments, shares, likes, even ignoring – every reaction is essential for building content strategy.

Of course, every channel has its internal statistics. However, it takes much time to gather the information from several accounts. That’s why there are some helpful tools that allow you to have it all in one. For example, Sprout, Zoho, Buffer, and Hubspot.

5. Mentions

Collecting customers’ feedback might be challenging. In most cases, customers just leave without saying a word and you can’t understand what was wrong and how you can avoid it in the future.

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Imagine that you can find out what your clients say about your product on the Internet. It would be a great opportunity for you to understand their real opinion. Such tools as GroHawk and Social Mention scrape social media networks and collect mentions of your brand. 


Spare no efforts on studying your customers’ behavior. A clear understanding of clients’ needs drives your business to success and helps in acquiring more target leads, as you already know who you are searching for. It also assists in your product/services development and optimization to easily respond to demand.

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