How To Get More Leverage From Your Marketing Dollars

Mod Girl Marketing has a team of experienced digital advertising consultants that can move your website from virtual obscurity to the top search engines, social media sites, and placements on high trafficked websites in a matter of days. Our professionals take the time to learn your business, study your competition, and figure out what advertising strategy would best benefit your company and drive the most targeted leads to a desired action of your choosing — whether it’s clicking, downloading, registering, calling, sharing on social media, providing feedback, or buying.

Our assistance doesn’t stop there! We continually test, measure, and fine-tune your ads for optimal performance and deliver reports that demonstrate the value and ROI of your investment. If you’re tired of taking a stab in the dark and want REAL RESULTS, let us take the burden off your shoulders. Working with the Mod Girl team is easy and enjoyable! But don’t just take our word for it: see what others have to say.

Benefits of Digital Advertising Include

  • Achieve faster results
  • Attract targeted leads
  • Close more sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Maintain more customers
  • Gain valuable data quickly
  • Keep top of mind to all website visitors
  • Clarify objectives
  • Create measurable goals

How We Do It

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the most popular type of search engine marketing where advertisers agree to pay a small fee (usually a matter of cents) every time one of their ads is clicked. You’ll find these ads prominently placed at the top of Google’s search results or in the right hand sidebar listed as a “sponsored link.” When done correctly, the amount paid out is very menial in comparison to the sales you’re bringing in.

A lot goes into devising a winning PPC campaign. You’ll need to research the right keywords, set up landing pages optimized for conversions, and participate in a bidding auction for a chance to rank in the top results.

Display Advertising

Display ads can be found almost anywhere – in emails, in apps, and on just about every website imaginable. Google’s Display Network alone reaches over 2 million websites. Compared to search and social marketing, display advertising is less competitive and gives companies a great stab at brand building. The flexible style and formatting appeals to marketers looking to add a little more personality to their messaging.

Native Advertising

Unlike banner ads that tend to hit people over the head with their transparency, branded content is a much more subtle way to advertise that is less off-putting to audiences. Click-through rates are particularly high for native ads that include videos, podcasts or other forms of rich media. Brand engagement and social reach increases and the return on investment can exceed 500% in some cases!

Ad Retargeting

Statistics show that users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert and it’s not unusual to see campaigns bring in ROI of 400% or more. A well-designed retargeting campaign helps you acquire new customers, market to past customers, solicit traffic from your competitors, increase revenue, boost brand awareness, and gain valuable feedback about your marketing efficiency.

Social Advertising

A wealth of prospect information is stored on social media sites, allowing you to target groups by multiple demographics. Social media platforms are a creative way to reach prospects and drive sales through word-of-mouth. With measures to help determine the effectiveness of promotions, social channels are a winning strategy.

  • Mod Girl has helped grow the reach of our startup brand. It's been a pleasure to work with them, I am comforted knowing I can trust them to get the job done.

    Debbie Madden – Stride
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Featured Client Success Story

Stride Consulting

By all accounts, fast-growing NYC Agile consultancy, Stride was an A-list company. Their CEO had five companies under her belt, they attracted top brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and the Daily Beast, they won three major global industry awards, and they posted 626% growth in 2015 alone. However, Stride’s digital presence didn’t contribute much to their offline success.

Mod Girl Marketing undertook a massive overhaul of their lead management processes, redesigned their website, revamped their brand voice, fostered the growth of their social channels, developed lead magnets like eBooks, promoted thought leadership and set up high level analytics. Our display and retargeting campaigns, in particular, led to significant online traffic, brand awareness and leads in a short period of time.

Each month our display advertising and retargeting campaigns generated:

  • 3,000+ visits to the Stride website
  • 300,000 displays to prospects (driving a ton of exposure for the brand!)
  • 1.76% click-through rate (which is 1.4x what their competitors are getting!)

After six months of working with us, Stride has:

  • Increased site traffic nearly 169%
  • Increased new visitors 163%
  • Increased pageviews 102.5%
  • Achieved #1 rankings for most of their main SEO keywords

Marketing is a complex business that sometimes requires an experienced outsider to lend fresh perspective and expertise to give your marketing the traction you need. No matter how successful your company is, a thriving digital advertising strategy ensures continued, sustainable growth and strong brand awareness in a competitive business climate.

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