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5 Fun Ways To Engage With Remote Employees

December 9, 2020 - 4 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Remote Agency

Remote working has become the norm for many businesses even though it might have seemed temporary at first. There are many advantages to working from home such as saving time and money on the commute and more flexible working hours. There are however a couple of drawbacks and some employees feel a little disconnected from the team and office environment. As a manager, there are several things you can do to improve this, increase morale, and motivate your staff. Here are five fun ways to engage with remote employees.

Make video conferencing more fun

Bring your video calls and meetings to the 21st century with fun tools such as a virtual photo booth. You can use these to add a little humor to meetings and catch-ups and give your employees a chance to see each other without having the pressure of keeping their cameras on at all times. Think outside the box to make video conferencing a little less monotonous.

Host online workshops

Get them engaged and prepare your team for remote work by hosting plenty of online workshops, classes, and training sessions. Encourage learning in the workplace and try to make it fun and rewarding. Your employees need to feel like they’re going somewhere and this will motivate them to focus on professional development even from home.

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Teambuilding exercises

As well as holding training sessions you could also lighten it up occasionally with some virtual team building activities. These are generally effective in boosting collaboration and morale. If your team feels a little disconnected then team building games and exercises could help bring them together. They will also develop a range of soft skills they can then bring to the workplace such as problem-solving, decision making, and teamwork. The important thing is to be entirely inclusive with the types of activities you choose for teambuilding and to make sure everyone can get on board.

Take an interest in their goals

Sometimes the best way to motivate your team is to take a genuine interest in their goals, both professional and personal. There’s no use being a “fun boss” if your staff doesn’t feel like you’re really listening to them and taking their ideas into consideration. Set up friendly catch-ups on an individual basis so that your employees have the opportunity to voice their opinion in private and can speak about their own goals for the future. You can then make an effort to assign projects that align with these goals, for instance.

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Lead by example

If you really want to improve communication and create a connected culture you need to lead by example at work. As a manager, it’s up to you to get the ball rolling and change your attitude to remote working. Even though your team is dispersed and may not see each other in person, if you lead by example you can help to boost morale and improve collaboration. Be readily available and approachable as a boss and think of more fun ways to engage people.

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