Facebook Image Size Cheat Sheet to Create Engaging Ads and Posts [Infographic]

January 5, 2017 - 3 minutes read - Facebook, Guest Post

When creating compelling promotional content for Facebook it’s important to include high-quality images. Whether you run a small business, large company or are simply looking to promote your personal brand, the right visual assets can make or break your posts.

Facebook is always improving their platform to make information sharing easier. However, even the most skilled social media professionals, graphic designers and marketers may not be aware of these improvements. Because of this, TechWyse has made a detailed Facebook Image Sizes infographic to give you the 411 on Facebook’s updates.

Using the proper image dimensions are so important to your posts that if you don’t adhere to them, Facebook will not only alter your photos but render them unusable. For instance, Facebook will present any image that is smaller than 470×246 as a thumbnail even if that’s not how you want it to be displayed. Moreover, Facebook will select the center of your image if you don’t use the recommended dimensions. When Facebook uses the center of your image it will be cut off and won’t appear as you’d intended.

Besides regular image dimensions, there are also video image upload sizes you need to adhere to (1200x675px), app image guidelines (111x74px) and text limitations as well. Promoted posts that contain more than 20% text may have lesser reach that others.

The below Facebook image sizes cheat sheet is chock-full of relevant info regarding image sizing, text ratios and other important materials to allow you to create engaging ads, event posts and more. Bookmark the infographic to consult whenever you need it.

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Without engaging visual assets to accompany your Facebook page, ads and event listings, you won’t effectively target your audience and gain new followers, customers and clients. However, with the infographic at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble crafting posts that are easily sharable, compelling and boost your social media potential.

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Facebook Image Size Cheat Sheet to Create Engaging Ads and Posts

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