Top 3 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

May 14, 2015 - 9 minutes read - Healthcare Marketing

Top 3 Healthcare Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

Healthcare marketing requires a special set of rules and oversight that does not necessarily apply to our other clients. We must make sure that all copywriting complies with HIPAA and FDA rules. We have to ask questions like: Are we avoiding the use of patient names in all writing, unless expressly permitted? Are we letting people know our advice is not meant to substitute a trip to the doctor’s for professional medical counsel? Are we including enough information? Are all claims completely accurate?

We have a whole other set of concerns when we look at B2B healthcare companies and healthcare technology firms. Are we explaining the features and benefits in a digestible way? In a competitive market, how can we present these particular products or services as unique and desirable? How do we make it easier for healthcare organizations to adopt new technology and give it a try?

Despite these hurdles, healthcare marketing cannot be overlooked. Pew Research found 72% of patients used the internet to search for information on hospitals, doctors and medical treatments. Furthermore, Google’s “Digital Journal to Wellness” report found that 44% of patients who research hospitals on their mobile devices go on to schedule an appointment. Given the demand and usefulness of digital marketing for healthcare markets, isn’t it time you investigated the latest trends and companies capable of executing a comprehensive strategy that meets your needs?

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Here are three components your healthcare marketing strategy must have to be competitive:

1. A Responsive Website

Fact: You’ve got about 15 seconds to capture a web user’s attention.

Plastic Surgery Website Design- Dr. Halpern

Since a third of your customers will be using their mobile devices to research medical information and facilities, as well as book appointments, you’ll need a website that is designed with small mobile screens in mind. Rather than build a separate mobile site, you can have responsiveness for different devices built into your main website to eliminate any confusion. Visitors should be able to find the most essential information quickly and easily, access special mobile features (like click-to-call) and see a version of the site that is instantly reformatted to fit their screens. Without a responsive website that functions quickly and seamlessly, all other marketing endeavors are pointless. You only have one chance to make a first impression before these easily distracted internet users are moving onto the next healthcare website. Surely you recall what happened with the flawed roll-out of the new Obamacare website<!  Check out these examples of responsive healthcare websites.


2. Content Marketing

Fact: Healthcare companies who blog see 55% increase in website traffic.
healthcare content marketing trends infographic

New content is the best way to help your website reach patient eyes and develop real leads. Well-crafted content improves search engine positioning, informs consumers, builds trust, and invites readers to visit your practice. The best content includes Search Engine Optimization techniques and keywords that help connect searchers with your website.

Mod Girl Marketing helps doctors, surgeons, healthcare companies, healthcare software firms, medical device manufacturers, medical benefits companies, and other B2B healthcare firms develop a robust content strategy that is connected with SEO, social media, PPC advertising and offline campaigns. Our goals are to generate increased brand/product/service awareness and drive greater leads that convert to sales. We’re on top of all the latest and greatest trends in B2B marketing in addition to consumer-driven healthcare trends.

To have an effective content marketing strategy, healthcare companies must have a comprehensive, written plan for success — which is where our consulting work begins. From there, we have a team of specialized experts with college degrees and years of experience in the field who can create compelling blogs, press releases, infographics, social media posts, videos, and newsletters. Then, we promote that content through various channels including social media promotion and blogger outreach to enhance our SEO efforts and overall brand awareness. From there, we monitor the effectiveness of your content through analytics tracking and reporting. Our marketing company uses a full suite of advanced online marketing tools to improve the efficiency of your campaigns to give you more for your money.

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3. Social Media Presence

Fact: 41% of patients said social media influenced their selection of a healthcare provider.

You don’t have to be on every social media site, but having some regularly maintained presence is considered a prerequisite for doing business by most consumer standards. Many businesses also feel most comfortable networking with modern companies who have an online presence as well.

As The Huffington Post explains, when done well, social media can help your institution be prepared for a crisis situation, inform patients, connect with local journalists for positive publicity, improve prevention and empower patients.

If you’re a B2B healthcare company, social media can help you get in touch with prospects, inform decision makers about your offerings, stay ahead of the competition, and monitor relevant conversations where people have problems that you can solve.

Tip: Linkedin is ideal for B2B healthcare marketing.
healthcare social media tips

Is your healthcare company embracing these digital marketing trends?

Mod Girl Marketing helps healthcare companies develop a consistent posting schedule with a diverse range of social media messages that appeal to your core target markets. We help you find influencers who can skyrocket your popularity and decision makers who are further along in the sales cycle, ready to buy what you’re offering. Our team of news-hounds keep a pulse on trending topics within your industry, while our data-heads provide you with regular, constructive feedback boiled down to the most important trends and statistics related to your posts. We adapt your social media strategy based on what works. We believe it’s not enough to simply “have a presence.” Our social media clients have social profiles that thrive and generate real leads! Learn more about how we help our clients develop a solid social media strategy.

Contact Mod Girl Marketing to help with the development of a more robust healthcare digital marketing strategy. We’ve worked with doctors, hospitals, IT firms, medical supply companies, insurers, and other healthcare providers to improve the functionality, SEO, and user experience of their websites, refine a content strategy that converts more traffic to solid leads, and keep up with the demands of social media. Not only do we have experience in healthcare marketing specifically, but we work with internal members of your company and offer custom packages that offer as much or as little assistance as you need.

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