HitTail Review: How to Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO Success

November 11, 2015 - 9 minutes read - Product Reviews, SEO

Although I have been helping clients tackle their search engine optimization needs for over a decade, I am still constantly on the lookout for new ways to ramp up rankings and maximize my organic search traffic. Long-tail keywords are not a new phenomenon, but sadly, they are not utilized to their full potential. Since SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation, jumping on the long-tail bandwagon is the smart thing to do. This is where HitTail comes into play.

What is HitTail?

*Note: Prices below as of February 2017, please check HitTail’s pricing page for current prices.

In a nutshell, HitTail is a paid SEO tool with plans ranging from $19.95 – $79.95/month that allows you to:

  • – See all the search terms people use to get to your website.
  • – Find the most promising, under-utilized long-tail search terms to get more traffic.
  • – Discover lucrative topics for your web pages and blog to boost web traffic and sales.
  • – Add content suggestions to your “to do” list.
  • – Increase the depth and diversity of your keyword list.
  • – Commission 400-word SEO articles for just $19.

Most comparable tools on the market (like Google Keyword Planner, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.) ask you to type some of your search term ideas into a search box to receive suggestions on similar terms. HitTail differs in that it actually analyzes your existing site to gauge performance and helps you identify “low-hanging fruit” — the long-tail keywords with the lowest competition that you can easily rank for.

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Benefits of Using HitTail

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the ridiculous amount of information some SEO programs generate for you, then this is the stripped-down, bare-bones tool for you! HitTail gives you two statistics: the top 10 keywords and suggested long-tail keywords. That’s all you need to know what you should be writing about and, in turn, start seeing your web traffic increase considerably. There are no segmented demographics to ponder — just answers to your most basic questions: How many people are visiting my site this month? How many people have visited my site to date? How many people will visit my site this month? What keyword path are they taking to get here?


As NotAGrouch.com points out, you can also check the stats to see which phrases to avoid in your writing, as you’ll probably find that some of your traffic arrives from a very strange pathway (and subsequently bounces off the page rather quick because your site was not at all what they were looking for).

According to WeRockYourWeb.com, one benefit that makes HitTail worth paying for (as opposed to your free Google Analytics tool) is that it gives you a way around the “Not Provided” keyword reporting limitation. No one involved in SEO will forget the trouble that the “Do Not Track” protocol first caused. Once Google users could hide their web activity — including keyword searches — from Analytics and set these new parameters as their “default,” most of the best keyword data became unavailable to webmasters. HitTail, on the other hand, does capture all these hidden keywords, although you still won’t be able to see referral sources or conversion tracking data.

Why Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are one of the best, proven ways to quickly gain top search engine rankings via blogging and other forms of content marketing. I know when I write my blogs, I want people to read them! It is for this reason that it is extremely important that I focus on using the right search terms, the ones that people are actually searching for, AND ones that will provide a significant upsurge to my search ranking and thus increase my organic traffic. It is impractical to try implementing an effective digital marketing strategy without analyzing what your audience is looking for.

How To Get Started Using HitTail

Using HitTail is pretty simple. By connecting my Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), I gave HitTail the insider’s view of the search traffic my website is already receiving daily from Google. In turn, HitTail used this real-time data to suggest the most favorable keywords that I should be targeting for future blog articles or working on to improve rank.

hittail seo tool review video

HitTail breaks down this information into an easy-to-understand format, giving me new long-tail keywords that are extensions of the existing search terms already used to find my website. Many times I don’t even realize people are indeed searching for these obscure longer-tail keywords.

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The Best Part?

Results are ultimately what determines such a product’s worth — and, for us, the results have been fantastic. Not only that, but it’s saved us so much time. Instead of spending hours manually sifting through GWT, HitTail creates an algorithm that will weed out weaker terms and provide only the best keywords that will increase site traffic.

By using HitTail, I was able to cut back on the amount of time I had to spend searching for new ideas. The software is going to provide an endless amount of topics that I will be able to blog about in the future. I am happy that I now have an easy-to-use tool that is going to help me and my team streamline our content marketing process. I highly recommend that you give HitTail a try and see for yourself the power of this tool.

Need Content?

Speaking of saving time… another perk to using HitTail is how easy it is to commission content. Simply click on the “order” button to request an original 400-word article based on a particular long-tail keyword combination. Their professional writing program gives you decent quality for your money. You have to provide clear guidelines for what you want and won’t receive in-depth research for the price paid, but it’s a decent option if you’re pressed for time and just need a little extra content to fill out your site.


If you need more help in maximizing your SEO or just don’t have the time to do it yourself, Mod Girl Marketing has just what you need. Our SEO experts are here to assist you in learning some SEO tricks or we can tackle the solutions for you, saving you time and patience! Keep in mind that we, too, offer a professional copywriting service to save you time. Our fees aren’t much higher than HitTail’s — but you receive the in-depth research and higher word count you need to really knock it out of the park. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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