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Corporate leaders want to know their investments are well-spent, so for marketers, work is a balancing act of creativity and math. On one hand, marketing is about branding through images, storytelling and emotion-evoking design work. That’s the fun part! On the other hand, marketing is about statistics, lead follow-up and sales dollars. The marriage between these two frontiers is marketing automation.

The most well-known form of marketing automation is the triggered email series that arrives once you’ve made an online purchase — usually thanking you for your business, letting you know when the item has shipped, asking for feedback, and even suggesting complementary purchases. That was the start of marketing automation, but now it’s just one small piece of a puzzle that has grown to become a massive $1.8 billion industry.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • More productive meetings using hard data based on testing and tracking
  • The creation and achievement of unified goals across departments
  • Saves your team time spent on repetitive, menial tasks that could be better spent closing
  • Build better contact lists and nurture leads over time, without expending more effort
  • More personalized content that aligns with consumer desires and behaviors
  • Stay in touch with fans and followers through personalized campaigns
  • Improved customer relationship management
  • Insight on where prospects are in the sales cycle
  • Ability to analyze cross-channel trends to predict future success

Comprehensive Marketing Automation Services

  • Email drip campaigns
  • Social media posting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Website form strategy
  • Interpretation
  • Landing page design
  • A/B testing & tracking
  • Setup
  • Training
  • Ongoing management
  • KPI measurement and analytics

How We Do It


We take an in-depth look at where your company’s marketing has been, where it is currently and where you’d like it to go in the future. We discuss software options and tools for capturing more accurate data, testing, tracking and managing leads throughout the sales cycle. This crucial early step aligns sales and marketing department goals.


We train your team in the tools necessary to launch and maintain the automated marketing solutions discussed during the planning phase. The programs we work with are very intuitive, so your team can launch sooner rather than later. We take you beyond the basics to learn advanced marketing techniques that will increase competitiveness.


We conduct thorough research to segment your audience and help you focus on the buying cycle of your audience. Our team develops drip campaigns that effectively deliver timely information to move prospects further down the sales funnel. Carefully customized landing pages, emails and ads have increased conversions by as much as 50%.

Test & Optimize

We use robust tools like LeadPages, Hatchbuck and Aweber to test different designs and content for your landing pages, forms, emails, and display ads for efficiency. With accurate data and performance-based feedback, you’ll not only learn how to market smarter, but you’ll increase conversions and reduce bounce rate too.

Our Favorite Marketing Automation Tools

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Featured Client Success Story

ROXY Plastic Surgery

Marketing automation Mod Girl Marketing

ROXY Plastic Surgery was a great practice based out of Columbus, Ohio that needed to streamline their online marketing processes. Prior to working with Mod Girl Marketing consultants, they had no lead follow-up process, no customer relationship management to manage patient communication, and little social media presence. They had minimal online activity, from searches to interactions. Dr. Grawe knew she needed better digital branding to remain competitive, but as a busy plastic surgeon, lacked the time to do much more than a one paragraph promotional blog post here and there.

One of the most important parts of our consulting was the development and implementation of a Patient Relationship Management automation platform. Mod Girl began sending pre-surgery and post-surgery campaign emails to patients, depending on where they were in their surgery process. This platform allowed ROXY to create campaigns for all leads, follow up with leads, segment lists based on patient’s surgery interests, send monthly newsletters and market her 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Breast Implants eBook through a special email campaign to increase breast augmentation leads.

Initial results at our three-month follow-up were very encouraging. Thanks to our help, they were able to achieve a:

  • 335% increase in leads,
  • 177% increase in Google searches,
  • 1,560% increase in clicks,
  • 957% increase in site impressions, and
  • 50% increase in total pageviews.

Within the last 5 months of collaborating with Mod Girl Marketing, ROXY Plastic Surgery is reporting a 106% increase in leads and 85% increased conversion rate!

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