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Is your leading-edge technology firm struggling to connect with audiences online? Software and technology firms face a number of unique obstacles in marketing their products. Not only is the marketplace crowded, but your offerings are more complex and diverse than other industries. Your end users are busy professionals with very specific needs. Consider how our inbound marketing consulting can transform your online presence into a more competitive, engaging and well-recognized tech brand.

Our Technology Partners

  • SaaS Companies
  • Software Vendors
  • Online Companies
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Cloud Consulting Firms
  • High-Tech Manufacturers
  • Software Consulting Firms
  • Cloud Computing Companies

How We Help Technology Companies Grow

Your website needs to convey your exceptionalism in a clear and concise, yet engaging, manner. Through best practices and competitive analysis, we show you how to connect with busy professionals to tell your story in a way that furthers your business goals.

We assist our tech clients in achieving the following goals:

Enhance Content

Start connecting with prospects through better audience segmenting and personalization. We’ll conduct thorough research so you can more effectively speak to the pain points of your end users and win their business, their loyalty and their referrals.

Secure Top Search Rankings

Connect with search engine users through the strategic use of long-tail keywords, a well-optimized website, and an increased digital footprint that makes use of the best online platforms, particular to your industry. Once you’re at the top, learn how to stay.

Document Your Strategy

Research shows a written, well-documented content and marketing strategy provides the most satisfaction and the best results. We assist you in brainstorming and putting all your great ideas down into a collaborative communications management system.

Implement Marketing Automation

Save time and money by establishing email drip campaigns that nurture leads and keep record of communications with your prospects and the actions that they take — be it filling out a request form, downloading a demo or visiting a particular page on your site.

Optimize Cross-Channel Campaigns

Tie together your brand’s design themes, voice, messages and marketing campaigns from your website and offline endeavors to your social media channels, display ads, email correspondences, and landing pages. We conduct A/B testing for efficiency.

Increase Targeted Leads

Do more than simply attract great numbers to your website. Through better use of Analytics Data and the implementation of a winning content strategy, you’ll convert visitors into buyers to increase your bottom line, without wasting resources.

Optimize Conversion Rates

Reduce bounce rates and increase click-through rates for website visitors who are further along in the sales cycle and ready to buy. See metrics like “time spent on site” and pageviews go up, while your total marketing spend goes down.

Promote Thought Leadership

Remain ahead of the curve and get your top executives’ names out there as industry leaders to gather attention from mainstream media outlets, industry partners and top CEOs with press releases, content marketing and link building strategies.

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  • Debbie Madden, StrideMod Girl has helped grow the reach of our startup brand. It’s been a pleasure to work with them, I am comforted knowing I can trust them to get the job done.

    Debbie Madden – Stride

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Tech Client Success Story

Stride Consulting

Stride is an Agile software consulting firm based in New York City. They help some of the world’s best brands like Constant Contact, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Daily Beast improve coding and meet project deadlines. Though they won three Stevie awards and posted 626% growth last year, very few leads were being generated by their online efforts. Having run several successful businesses prior to launching Stride, CEO Debbie Madden knew she had to step up their game to remain competitive. Yet, the Stride team was so busy working with clients, they had no time to grow their digital presence. Mod Girl was brought in to modernize Stride’s digital brand and implement cross-channel inbound marketing campaigns.

One month after we helped them launch a new website:

  • Over 500 keyword rankings showed up in Google that were not there before.
  • They saw a 77% increase in organic searches and 278% increase in organic clicks from Google. In hard numbers, that’s an increase from 676 clicks to 2,557!
  • They went from reporting 18,000 website impressions to over 49,000 in a month.
  • Their click-through-rate soared from 3.57% to an industry best of 5.21%.
  • Their social traffic also increased, with 426 website visits from social media — a 127% increase from 187 the month before working with us.

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