Does Your Healthcare Business Need High-Quality Leads, Yesterday?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the Answer

At Mod Girl Marketing, we understand that it’s a struggle to drive traffic to your website. So, we put together a certified PPC management company designed to create a customized ad campaign that’ll drive high-quality leads to your page. That means no more lurking at the bottom of Google search results! And the more people see you, the more leads you’ll attract.

Our team approaches PPC advertising with our seasoned, tried, and proven search engine marketing services. We have the know-how to execute advertising that wins clicks and drives conversions.


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Why Partner With Mod Girl For Your PPC Management

What You Can Expect

Highly-optimized targeting. Advertising that flows seamlessly with your brand. Valuable, successful strategies.

After we launch your campaign, we’ll gather data on how consumers interact with your ads. Then, we apply that knowledge to your business’s unique PPC management strategy. This ensures that your return on ad spend (ROAS) is as profitable as possible.

And then, we go one step further.

We act as a natural extension of your internal team. You can think of us as your advertising partner – offering value at every step of the process. We are selective with our clientele because we treat your business as if it were our own – and that means dedication, passion, and loyalty.

Why Hire An Agency?

Your Marketing Manager or Tech Team should NOT be managing your PPC!

We see it all the time.

The majority of businesses jump into PPC marketing without any professional knowledge. And too often, this results in thousands of dollars wasted on a weak ad spend strategy. Countless tiresome hours spent poring over Google Ads Academy.

That’s why businesses become frustrated with pay-per-click strategies. They just don’t have the experience to effectively launch, maintain, and optimize their campaigns.

But we do!

Experience & Results Matter

It’s not easy, but someone’s gotta do it!

A good PPC agency recognizes that there are a variety of processes that drive effective PPC advertising. They know how to best monitor and update campaigns in order to receive the highest return on your investment (ROI).

For example, high-rated keywords fluctuate often, and those that drop in search popularity need to be filtered out and replaced. There’s a myriad of behind-the-scenes processes that a credible PPC agency is expected to perform well.

That’s where we come in!

Social Media Advertising

We also create high-converting Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

The Mod Girl team also provides Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising services. In addition, we provide retargeting, display advertising, and advanced remarketing services through Google Ads. Our team of designers and copywriters are skilled at creating compelling ads that will direct prospective clients to your website content.

We’re excited to help your business increase leads and brand awareness so that you enjoy higher sales.

1,000% Increase In Leads

ppc plastic surgery case study

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We Work with Purpose-Driven Companies to Drive Results Via Pay Per Click Advertising

Mod Girl Marketing has successfully worked in a variety of industries, including:

We help countless B2B and B2C healthcare companies increase their lead volume, boost overall brand presence and skyrocket their patient database through paid advertising.

We’ll help you boost your travel company’s brand presence and get in front of your target audience fast by leveraging our advertising expertise.

We help music companies target the right audience on the right platform by utilizing our social media and paid advertising strategies.

We help clients in the sports and fitness industries grow their brand, and attract the right audience through paid advertising.

We help technology firms expand their reach, grow their client base and increase revenue through effective B2B and B2C advertising strategies.

Pay Per Click Management Fees

Pay-Per-Click management services from Mod Girl Marketing involve much more than just a one-time setup. Mod Girl’s certified professionals will constantly test and optimize your campaigns in order to give you the best return on your investment.

Most of our advertising management engagements start at $1,500 per month. Unlike many PPC companies, we do not charge a percentage based on your monthly ad spend. Whether your advertising spend is $2,000 a month or $2M a month, your investment with Mod Girl is based on the number of campaigns.

When you partner with Mod Girl for your advertising needs, your budget goes further and your results go through the roof!

Contact us to discover which online advertising strategies would best suit your business goals

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Featured Client Success Story

Dr. Robert Whitfield

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. He prides himself on providing the highest quality care possible and wants his patients to leave the office happy with results that exceeded their expectations.

Like many plastic surgeons, Dr. Whitfield found himself spending way too much money on advertising with little return to show for it. He reached out to Mod Girl Marketing because he wanted to increase his non-surgical patient base and reduce his overall cost per lead.

Once Dr. Whitfield hired Mod Girl Marketing, we immediately created a lead generation funnel for one of his newest procedures, EmbraceRF. Within one week, we were generating targeted leads and within 90 days his lead volume by over 100%!

Not only was Dr. Whitfield generating more leads, but he was also saving on his cost per lead as well. His phone was ringing off the hook, and his practice started generating more patients than ever before.

By using Mod Girl Marketing’s paid advertising services, in 90 days, Dr. Robert Whitfield saw:

  • An increase in lead volume by 1000%
  • 95% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 100+ new leads a month

Mandy and the Mod Girl team have significantly increased leads to my practice, resulting in new patients. The phone is ringing 3X more and web leads have increased 10X, which is keeping my staff incredibly busy. Mod Girl listened to my needs and everything since has been unicorns and rainbows. – Dr. Robert Whitfield

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