Best Remote Jobs For Digital Nomads [Contributed Blog]

June 30, 2020 - 4 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Remote Agency

Do you remember when you were finally old enough to get your first job? Everyone looked at retail or healthcare, perhaps fast food. If you were a techie, you went for a career in IT. That was ten years ago! In 2010, these were the top three industries hiring. Skip ahead to now, what is everyone looking for? Not a steady 9 to 5 with a cubicle and 401k. No, today, many are after the dream of freedom, flexibility, and travel!

Welcome the age of the Digital Nomad. This craze hit big in 2019 and skyrocketed; become a nomad, live in an RV or van, and leave behind the life of being tied to a mortgage or a desk. This amazing life of freedom and adventure has led the working class to venture out into the world in more ways than one. Now we need money to eat, fill our tanks, and live on the edge (literally if you drive the mountainside), but how does one DO that?

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Get creative! Some of the best remote jobs implore you to think outside the cubicle. Take into consideration what you did in the office before you decided to go out on your own, and then use that to keep making money as a new business owner. If you did managerial or training, you could become an online instructor, tutor, or coach. All you IT guys and gals who worked all day fixing your boss’s PC before that big meeting? Yup, you got it! You can do web or graphic design from anywhere! Writers, Bloggers, Virtual assistants, and Amazon shipping; the options are endless when you get creative.

Now, not every aspect is going to be sunshine and dirt roads. There are some drawbacks to consider before putting in your notice at work and heading off into the sunset. Think about your everyday life for a moment; family nearby, friends/co-workers to chat with at the office, birthdays, and dating. All of that will need to be scheduled into your travels or represented virtually (thank God for webcams!). Besides family and connection, the internet is also pretty necessary when working digitally, and you can’t boondock and expect to have WIFI. So your life becomes even more prioritized. Schedule a drive into town for some coffee and free WIFI or plan your travels to stick close to towns and towers.

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Either way, you choose to live, choices and sacrifices need to be made. As a digital nomad, there are incredible opportunities out there for working remotely. You don’t even have to leave your area! Working remotely simply means not having to go into the office on someone else’s schedule? Make a list. Check your priorities and make a smart decision that works best for you. Some of the best things in life are scary, but that’s half the fun! And if one digital job doesn’t work out for you, try another! Many nomads write blogs, articles, books, and work video streaming into their lives.

Happy travels!

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