Should I Redesign My Website?

December 23, 2013 - 6 minutes read - Blog, Rebranding, Website Design

We’ve all heard the tired saying “New Year, New You.” But the same mantra rings true for your business. A fresh start feels good and delivers a healthy dose of hope that can help you overcome any disappointment you may have faced. It’s a good moment to reassess your strategies to build upon your major revenue sources and improve upon or replace what’s not working. A website redesign may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

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Why Are Other Businesses Redesigning Their Websites?

The decision to redesign a business website is a personal one, but there are many paths that can lead you here.

Clarify Information: The Pennsylvania General Assembly wanted a redesign to give their citizens better access to information about their legislators, how they voted and how to contact them.

– Add Functionality: Move Network wanted to add functionality to their website by allowing consumers the ability to shop moving services and get a quote right online.

Increase Branding: Google Maps wanted a redesigned site that would allow their maps to be embedded on any other site, which would increase their brand visibility, while giving their clients added functionality.

Convert Sales: EditionGuard’s eBook publishing platform wanted to streamline the conversion process with a new layout that would move interested parties to a sale quicker and easier. Indeed, their web redesign worked — giving them a 14% boost in conversions overnight!

Clean House: Ryan Air decided to clean up their homepage by removing third party ads, “loud” design elements and irritating captchas that were hindering the airline’s booking procedure.

– Faster Loading: The Broomfield Enterprise redesign offers faster loading times, more opportunities for advertising and a better showcase of their photography than its predecessor.

– Update: delivered a brand new site this season that lets kids visit the digital North Pole to play games, see where Santa’s reindeer are hanging out and track which gifts have been delivered. Microsoft says their site will be much more competitive with Google’s Santa tracking site. It’s now written in HTML 5 and designed for touchscreens, tablets and mobile devices, as well as PCs.

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Website Redesign Lessons Learned From Target’s Epic Fail

Target attempted a major website redesign in time for the holidays this year — but flopped miserably. According to Pioneer Press“The company was savaged on social media and in the blogosphere for a radical redesign to its main site, Almost no one seemed to like the new look, notable for its drop shadows and other busy elements, and many loathed it.” Some people called it a “trainwreck redesign of the year,” while others demanded to know which “monsters” designed the site. Critics hated the drop shadows — which has really fallen out of favor in recent years, replaced by flat, clean and minimal designs. “Cluttered mess” was one of the phrases used to describe the new site.

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Target soon issued a statement that they have employed “user testing” to determine which direction to take the site. “We plan additional changes to our design and features and will track guest response and make adjustments along the way,” the company explained. Their apps for iOS and Android have enjoyed great conversions and success, so they are taking another look at how their main site can capitalize on some of the same trends. The moral of the story is this: Analytics and A/B testing can go a long way in preventing a widescale web redesign disaster!

Are You Ready For Website Redesign?

Mod Girl Marketing can help you bring your website redesign into the modern age with better functionality and the type of aesthetic people desire. Flat design (sans cheesy 3-D shadow effects), larger fonts, improved scrolling and better mobile responsiveness should be hallmarks of web design. A few changes doesn’t have to take forever to do or cost as much as you think.

Check out Hubspot’s compelling data proving that website redesign won’t be as painful as you think:

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Contact Mod Girl Marketing for full-service website redesign. We can deliver a timely, professional design that encompasses your homepage, blog, mobile sites and social media pages. Our dedicated team is happy to customize a package that meets your needs, whether it’s SEO and design only — or copywriting, PPC advertising and video marketing too. We service businesses big and small, so don’t hesitate to contact us with details about your vision. Be sure to ask about our generous referral program and holiday sweepstakes to find out how you can get FREE WEB DESIGN AND ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES!

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