How To Skip Two Years Of Marketing By Buying A Website [Contributed Blog]

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Marketing a new brand is no easy task, let’s face it. For most people, starting with a new idea or concept, such as a product or idea that you want to promote, and getting it to market is a monumental task that can take years or months if you are really skilled at it. It requires you to build relationships, to get seen by relevant audiences and actually engage them ready for the sale. It involves ad-spend to promote content and eventually  get new newsletter subscribers who you can advertise to on a personal level. 

People literally spend years developing their marketing skills. But what if you could skip a lot of the hard-work, and just buy your way to market? What if you could fast-track the legwork of creating a new audience and that you could just purchase an audience.

Sophistry! Magic! It’s impossible!

Well not really, because the end of the day, people who go to college pay enormous fees to get themselves onto the job market. It is no different for brands.

Alas, there are actually website marketplaces, such as, that allow people with a budget to buy an existing website, with an existing audience base whose data is at the fingertips of the new webmaster.

According to our estimations, you could save years of hard-work on marketing by buying one of these websites.

In this article, you’ll learn what you need to research before buying your website; and, see the tangible value that you get when buying a new website as well as how to make the most of the websites you buy to ensure that they remain valuable after you buy them. 

Okay, admittedly this introduction made it sound like a marketing miracle but in reality, it does still require hard-work, but far less than a fresh campaign, that’s for sure…

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What To Look For When Buying A Website

In order for website buying to work for you, the website that you are buying needs to have a certain relation to the brand you are trying to promote. 

Make Sure The New Site Has The Right Functionality & Engagement

If you have a material product that you are hoping to promote on a new website, then you definitely need to look for websites that already have shopping (eCommerce) functionality in place. 

However, perhaps most importantly, the overall content of the website should be similar to your target audience’s hobbies/needs. For example, If you are selling muscle building supplements, a body building blog would be relevant. This is going to ensure the customers will possess some sort of interest related to what you are selling or promoting.

You also want the website’s viewers to be in the correct market segments for your brand. In other words, you want the persona of the existing audience viewers to intersect with the type of people who are most likely to buy your product. This could be people within a reasonable distance of a storefront that you want the website to promote, or people in the age group most likely to be susceptible to promotion. In general, there are 3 market segments:

  • Geographic segment: This is the location of the consumers. Where they live, which region and is it urban/rural? If you were selling a product in a store, you would want your consumers to be within a reasonable distance.
  • Demographic segment: This will be the characteristics of the consumer such as age, gender, occupation and socio-economic group. This increases the margin of consumers who fit into your target audience. For example, you won’t have much luck selling make-up products on a website with a young, male demographic.
  • Behavioral segment: How your consumers behave. What their buying patterns and trends are. An example of this is if they are more interested in the ‘value for money’ products rather than a high-end luxurious product with a higher price.

What You Get When You Buy A Website

So, you’ve identified a website you would like to buy. But what exactly do you get when you buy the website?

Email List

With the website you have just purchased, you should have access to their email listings. This is a physical list of all emails that people have entered into the website in the past. You are going to use this email listing to promote your brand directly to consumers.

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Using Email Lists For Marketing 

Educate your readers with content similar to what they are used to reading (including the format and style of writing) BEFORE you begin to promote your brand. Make sure you are maintaining the rapport the previous owner has built with their consumers.

Do not make it obvious you are trying to promote a brand. When advertising your product:

  • First highlight an issue that may be present in the consumers life.
  • Second, explain what exactly the solution will be to this issue.
  • Finally, make a link between the solution and the benefits of consuming the product (how is the product going to function as the solution?)

Golden rule of email listings is to avoid spam at all costs. This will only result in people removing themselves from your listing and potentially being reluctant to visit your website again.


Another thing that will usually become available when you buy an existing website is cookies. It is always advisable to search for websites with these, since they allow you to advertise.

A cookie, in computing language, is a piece of code that remembers a visitor to your site. It can recall what a user clicked on, how much time they spent on the site and other relevant data which can be used to target them for more specific advertising to content or products they’re likely to read or use.

When you get advertised for something that you googled earlier in the day, that’s cookies… when you could have sworn that you were just talking about something that was advertised to you… that’s cookies. Cookies are all about harvesting as much data about you as possible. And we all subscribe to the use of this data when we click ‘Accept and continue’ on websites that we go on.

Using Cookies For Marketing

By using cookies you are going to attempt to increase the conversion rate of your website’s visitors.

Studies have determined that on average, a consumer would be between 35% and 40% more likely of making a purchase on the second time of digesting information about a product. On the third time of digesting information about a product they will be over 60% more likely to make a purchase than the first time. 

As a result, we can use this information to increase our conversion rate by increasing the amount of times a consumer will read or hear about our product. This is done through cookies and advertising. If we know a consumer has already read about our product once (with cookies) we now know that if we publish an ad on Facebook directly to their timelines, 1 or 2 more times. We will be much more successful than if we were publishing ads to random people.

Unfortunately teaching you how to read cookie data is not in the scope of this essay. Please give it a whirl on Google or YouTube to find more about it.

Easier SEO Campaigns 

Existing websites, especially those listed on premium marketplaces, are likely to already be ranking on search engines for several different keywords which bring in continuous traffic to the website. Moreover, because they have already developed topical authority (having lots of content about a particular topic) as well as more backlinks (hyperlinks from another website towards it), it is likely to be easier to rank for new keywords, since these are important factors when Google determines which websites to show up when someone makes a specific search.

SEO (search engine optimization) is important for any marketing campaign. That’s because a brand needs to show up for key terms on Google which will attract a relevant audience who are already searching for a topic relevant to your brand.

Normally SEO Campaigns last several months as people have to build up relevant content from scratch which Google views as valuable for its audience. Since the site has already produced content and has backlinks to it, this step is massively fast-tracked. 

Although it will still need some maintenance since Google tends to prefer sites that are actively updated and get new backlinks, the whole process is easier.

Building hyperlinks to your website, which is viewed as one of the most important parts of SEO, is far easier because of the fact that your website already has authority and if you produce insane content people are more likely to link out to you!

Link Building Is Easier

Now that you are the reputable website with high organic traffic and a good domain rating. Other websites are going to look to you for assistance in gaining this type of value for themselves.

They may do this by asking you to link their website in one of your articles (you can pay somebody to write an article for you if need be). In return you can ask the website to publish an article relating to your brand.

This is even more marketing for your product, broadcasting it to a wider target audience and you don’t need to worry about flooding your consumers with the same information about your product. It is also a really strong SEO ranking signal, but that’s another kettle of fish you’ll also have to look into.

By being a powerful website, marketing campaigns kind of snow-ball, and it gets easier and easier as more people want to interact with you. And with those interactions are another chance to create more engagement.

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Making Sure The Website You Buy Sustains Value

Publishing High Quality Content

The most organic way of telling Google that you are worthy of maintaining the strong rankings that your new website has inherited is by posting articles that include new, valuable insights and are generally better than your competitors!

This is going to rank you higher in search results, give you more organic traffic as consumers are going to read your content and potentially visit back soon to see what else you may have written about.

It is also going to maintain a rapport with the consumers so they trust that what is published on your page is going to be relevant, up to date and reliable.

Continue Your SEO Efforts

Again what gives your website authority according to the Search Engine algorithms is how accessible it is, how easily it can be navigated to. The spiders that crawl all around google will be looking to see how easy it is to navigate into your website. How many other websites are talking about you and crediting your work is going to boost your rankings.

You can do this by making agreements with other websites to help each other out (or for a financial sum).

How To Maintain Your Email List

This section is REALLY important. As mentioned before, it is vastly important that you DO NOT start hard-selling to your email audience. 

When you have a new emailing list, introduce the change softly and talk about what new content or products they can expect from you but certainly do not spam them with emails. 

If it is affiliate links that you are promoting, then insert the links into relevant content that is actually going to encourage clicks and promote the content via email. And if you’re promoting an e-commerce site, gently mention new product launches alongside new content on weekly announcement emails.

Just to nail the point home, do not let the emailing list that you have purchased go to waste!

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