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Transform Your Facebook Page into the New Timeline Layout – It’s Easy!

March 8, 2012 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

Wondering How To Convert Your Facebook Page To The New Timeline Before The March 30th Deadline?

Just when you thought you had your Facebook brand presence under control, they’ve gone and changed something! Trying to keep up with social media is a bit like trying to keep up with Google. The only sure thing is that… well… things will change! Here at ModGirl, it’s our full-time job to keep abreast of these changes and prepare your business to make each and every transition seamlessly, without missing a beat.

Here’s What Your Brand Can Do With The New Facebook Timeline:

  • “Wow” fans with a large banner image that shows off your personality and products.
  •  Choose which content remains “sticky” — situated at the top of your page like a post-it memo — for 7 days.
  • Intrigue fans with your longstanding history, with a timeline that dates back to your company’s start date.
  • Mark important milestones in company history on your timeline — your first sale, a new product, etc.
  • Star your company’s biggest achievements so they appear double-wide and more noticeable.
  • Feature your star content, which has been “liked” or “shared” by the most fans.
  • Take advantage of “Facebook Offers,” which is sort of like a Facebook-sponsored Groupon type deal.
  • See notifications about activity on your page.
  • Access chart-based performance data.
  • Respond directly to private messages.
  • Make admin changes directly from your page.
To learn more visit:

North Social has a great illustration of the new FB timeline on their FB page –

How ModGirl Helps You Make The Transition To Facebook Timeline:

The last thing you want is to be caught with a generic, blank page once the new transition automatically takes place on March 30th. ModGirl offers custom layouts for your new Facebook Timeline landing page. We can include a video, an image or text in a prominent location to control what people view when they come to your site.  Here are a few of the Facebook Timeline looks we’ve been working on:
Stones Shutters Timeline
The new Timeline for Facebook pages has a lot of potential you’ll want to maximize to keep pace with your competitors and we’re here to make that happen for you! In addition to helping your website make use of all the new features in Facebook Timeline, we’re also offering premium Facebook applications to all our clients using services from North Social. Some of the most popular apps brands are using include: Deal Share, Fan Offer, Sweepstakes, Video Channel, Photo Showcase, First Impression, Signup, RSS, Show and Sell, Donate, Twitter Feed, Map It and more.

Click here and here for examples of apps your Facebook page can feature!

We have some exciting news about our Facebook services we will roll out next week. We are also working on converting several fan pages to the new timeline look, including our own, and we’ll be sure to post them for everyone to see.
ModGirl is always striving to offer bigger, bolder and better services for your dollar. Let us take your Facebook page to new heights! Contact us today!
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