Startup Website Design and Branding Case Study – iDrive Transportation

Here at Mod Girl Marketing, we pride ourselves on our quality work and exceptional customer service. Whether we are designing a new website for an exciting startup or re-designing an ancient website for an established company, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients are thrilled with the final outcome.

In the summer of 2013 Mod Girl had the pleasure of developing a website for an exciting new startup out of Los Angeles, iDrive Transportation. Like most startups, the process of bringing iDrive to the streets of Los Angeles took a bit longer than originally expected, but the owners are proud to announce the official launch of iDrive – LA’s #1 Late Night Transportation Service – now offering “Drive Your Car Home for You” services in the greater Los Angeles Metro area.

What make iDrive stand out from your typical transportation service is that iDrive drives your car home for you! No more waiting for taxis or worrying if your car will be towed from the bar when you arrive to pick it up the next morning – simply call iDrive and 2 of their professional chauffeurs will arrive on site and drive your car and you to your final destination.

Startup Responsive Website Design

The iDrive website, developed by Mod Girl, is the face of the company – as a new start-up, nothing is more important than a professional website and digital presence. Created using the WordPress platform, the website is 100% mobile friendly and users can quickly call iDrive from the touch of a button on their mobile device. Not only did we develop the iDrive website, but we also utilized our expanded network of digital professionals to create the iDrive animated video you see above. The same team who created the Mod Girl promo video on our homepage, created the awesome iDrive video. Don’t you love it when teams come together to create digital magic? We do!

We recently received a raving website design testimonial from iDrive co-founder, Randolph Jansen, and couldn’t help but share it with you on our blog:

How a Web Designer Changed My Mind About Hiring a Website Design Company

I was skeptical. Very skeptical about hiring someone to design a website for me. I know a bit of code, and there are so many semi-user-friendly DIY site builders out there I thought, ‘who needs to spend a bunch of money?’

My business partner talked me into a meeting with Mandy, from Mod Girl Marketing. Mandy immediately became our front-woman for anything we wanted in a website. She walked me through the entire process, time frame, and even post build steps.

After our initial meeting, where we hashed out our wants and dreams, Mandy met up with us about a week later. She laid out several templates for us over conference call. She had a plan laid down for each design. We picked our favorite plan and moved forward.

During the process there was a surprising amount of communication. She had questions all the way through. Mandy wanted to make sure every page looked and sounded exactly how we wanted it. We picked stock photos together. We picked how to end sentences together. She even brought in an expert animator at a discount for our video. It was a very satisfying interactive experience.

When the website was completed (on time) we received a free press release in coordination with Mod Girl Marketing. Mandy also went through Google search terms and the best way to leave a mark with our consumers through the internet.

In conclusion, I believe I received way more than I paid for by hiring the right website developer. Our business is open and growing and our early success can be partially attributed to the smooth and professional website built by Mod Girl.

About iDrive

iDrive is a chauffeur company in Los Angeles that works as a taxi alternative. If you are too intoxicated to drive, we deliver a chauffeur to your location. We drive you home as a passenger in your car. When you arrive home, we park your vehicle and pick up our driver with the iDrive chase car. We are a little more than a taxi and always cheaper than a DUI. Wake up with no worries.

Randolph Jansen, Owner
iDrive Transportation

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