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Quiz: Is Your Website Reaching Its Profit Potential?

December 21, 2016 - 3 minutes read - Mod Girl News, Mod Marketing, Quiz

Far too many businesses are leaving money on the table by failing to capitalize on the most profitable website design and marketing strategies. The modern marketer knows how to use the right techniques and technologies to increase returns, month after month, without expending much more time, money, or energy. Mod Girl Marketing is pleased to announce a new quiz and quick guide available as a free download to help your site convert more visitors into sales immediately. Be sure to check out the Mod Academy for more inbound marketing resources.

The Mod Website Profits Quiz & Guide addresses the following areas:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves content and link strategy, among other factors. We help dispel some of the myths about keyword research, show you how to avoid spammy backlinks, and develop a content strategy that strategically guides users toward a sale, rather than using the site as a “dumping grounds” for data and sales slogans. How many times do you need to blog to keep your on-page content fresh? We’ve got the answer for you.

on-page seo

User Experience

User Experience is more than just a catchphrase: it should be a modern marketer’s focus. Our guide sets you on the right path of improving navigation, screen size configuration and SEO. We share our two favorite pro tools for A/B split testing and tell you how to check your website loading speed without spending a dime. If your website is taking visitors more than two seconds to find the information they need, then you are throwing money into the fire!

Email Marketing / List Building

We’ve helped countless clients create automated processes that nurture leads for greater sales and referral power. We’ll let you know which tool we use to trigger email series based on insights and actions. Find out what features the highest converting landing pages have in common.

increase revenue email marketing

Lead Magnets

If you’re not using lead magnets to build your subscriber list, keep in touch with buyers, and provide greater value for your audience, then you’ve found your wall that prevents your online business from growing year over year. We list the highest converting lead generating tools and tell you how to promote them once they’ve been created.

Don’t go into 2017 with a marketing strategy that is “good enough.” Let our free Website Profits Quiz audit where you are and help craft the strategy for where you’re headed, so you can enjoy even greater financial success in the coming year.


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