5 Reasons Why a Social Media Audit Is Necessary

January 6, 2020 - 5 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

Any online business should perform a social media audit at least once a year. The steps you take in an audit allow you to evaluate and optimize your social media profiles and strategies so that you can stay on top of your business’s online presence. By performing a social media audit, you will find out more about the relationship between your business and its internet audience. For example, you can discover whether Facebook brings your company new customers and whether Twitter is retaining your old customer base. Don’t underestimate the importance of completing a social media audit. Here are five reasons why it is so vital.

You Can Assess How Consistent Your Profiles Are

A social media audit allows you to track data across all of your social media accounts. All of your profiles must be consistent, so running an audit enables you to assess the consistency of your different profiles on all platforms you are using. It’s important to be consistent so that your audience will not be confused about your brand and message. Consistency doesn’t mean all your profiles have to look identical, but they should give the same consistent vibe and information. To help you better understand your social media data, and to accomplish the audit more quickly, use an online social media audit template. Within a short space of time, you will have a client-ready report with detailed insights.

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Metrics Allow You to Understand Your Social Media Performance

By using social media auditing tools, you can receive precise data about your business’s online performance across all of your social media platforms. Look at metrics like:

  •   Shares.
  •   Comments.
  •   Likes.
  •   Views.
  •   Mentions.
  •   Number of followers.
  •   Key audience segments.
  •   Top influencers.

Metrics Allow You to Better Your Social Media Performance

Place the data of the above metrics for all your social media accounts into a spreadsheet or an online auditing template, so you can easily compare them. With numbers in hand, you can see whether you have met, fallen short of, or exceeded the goals you set for your brand. For each goal, you can know whether your actions or inactions have impacted the results. For instance, engagement of your content may have fallen short of your expectations. By using social media auditing tools, you can discover why this is the case. Perhaps you haven’t posted enough content or posted too much. Or perhaps your content was too promotional and not personal enough to make your target audience engage. Use social media auditing tools that have built-in sentiment analysis so you can find out why your audience hasn’t responded in the way you hoped.

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You Can Generate Leads by Using Ad Campaigns Effectively

A social media audit allows you to uncover opportunities to generate leads. Online advertisements like Facebook ads (which can be used for both Facebook and Instagram selling, in fact) are truly valuable in improving engagement and driving leads when marketed effectively. A social media audit will analyze your marketing tactics and give you additional strategies for how to place your ad campaigns.

You Can Discover How Your Online Business Compares to Your Competitors

All businesses have competition. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By using an audit to compare your brand with competitors’ brands, you can discover why your customers choose your company rather than another, or vice versa. A social media audit assesses how your competitors use social media, and reveals areas in which you can concentrate more to attract new customers.

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