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Gone are the days when a CMO could rely on a small team of “marketers” to deal with all the facets of a general outbound marketing campaign. Today, you need the right people in the right places: building relationships with your sales prospects and delivering the sort of personalized buying experience that customers have come to expect.

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Become THE Choice, Not a Choice

Mod Girl® helps growing companies struggling to stand out from the competition, build a powerful brand presence with modern online marketing strategies to increase the number of new customers, improve customer retention, and become THE leader in their field.


Patients are increasingly gravitating to the internet for answers to their medical questions and more convenient ways to communicate with their healthcare providers. We work with plastic surgeons, medical doctors, hospitals, spas, weight loss clinics, urgent care centers, mental health counselors and other healthcare companies to diagnose and treat common issues with content, SEO, social media and web design.


Technology is a growing, yet crowded, field. The need for experienced consultants who understand how to help new startups create, measure and sustain successful lead generation online has never been greater. We work with software vendors, mobile app developers, cloud consulting firms, high-tech manufacturers, online companies and other tech companies to provide SEO, social media, content and inbound solutions.

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For a growing marketing agency, few things are worse than having to turn business away due to lack of expertise, personnel or time. We partner with fellow marketing firms to provide consulting and white-label services in virtually every aspect of digital marketing, including Auditing, Analytics & Reporting, Marketing Automation, Content Strategy, SEO, Social Strategy and Native Advertising Campaigns. We’re here for you!

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  • My sessions with Mandy gave me so much clarity on how to make my marketing wildly effective. Her immediate insights and advice dissolved my confusion quickly; I’m glad she took charge. And like a true marketing Jedi there were some deeper benefits that I didn’t even realize until days after the call! Thanks Mandy – my business is humming along so well now!


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    Many CMOs face the challenge today of reaching more customers and delivering a solid ROI. The Modern CMO’s Handbook is a great resource to refine your inbound marketing strategy and give you a game plan to attract, convert and keep more customers.