The 3 Pillars of SEO 2015

The 3 Pillars of SEO in 2015

December 24, 2014 - 6 minutes read - Blog, SEO

We’ve seen a lot of changes to the SEO landscape over the past year. Perhaps one of the biggest is the shift from keyword prominence to the importance of social sharing. Although targeted keywords are still extremely important and will always be the core of any SEO strategy, quality matters big time! We’ve heard quality over quantity a million times before and that phrase definitely rings true for SEO in 2015. Google looks less at the number of times your blog uses carefully-researched words and more at the the number of 3rd party websites that have linked to your site and how many times others are sharing your content via social media. SEO is becoming more reliant on others – what do other people think of your content? Are they sharing it? What do people have to say about your business? Local search and review sites became significantly more important to a business’s strategic interests. Trends like Google Authorship have come and gone, but there are three solid pillars we believe will be consistent to any sound SEO strategy throughout the year.

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Here are the 3 SEO pillars of 2015

1. Effective SEO will involve a two-pronged approach.

Search Engine Optimization in 2015 will require two separate approaches — technical and qualitative. Companies that do not embrace both will fall by the wayside. Technical SEO involves tasks like keyword research, filling out meta analysis descriptions and titles for each new page, utilizing LSI keywords, using strategic header tags, fixing indexing issues, improving site speed, improving websites for user-friendliness, optimizing websites for mobile devices, and SEO audits. Qualitative SEO includes regular blogging, social sharing, image creation, video marketing, newsletters promotion, press releases, eBooks, and essentially everything that falls under the “content marketing” banner. Remember – quality link building still matters!

Use Mod Girl’s SEO checklist to help with your SEO in 2015:

This on-page SEO checklist will help get your website in SEO tip-top shape!

Check out our off-page SEO checklist for inbound marketing tips.

2. More emphasis will be placed on social media.

According to ProBloggersocial media can mean the difference between “zero visibility” and “a strong performing position,” virtually overnight. Consider that businesses have seen a 94% increased click-thru-rate when search and social media were used together. Furthermore, 50% of consumers said they use a combination of search and social media to make purchase decisions. Also, businesses with a Google+ page saw a 15% improvement in their search engine positioning just for having a presence! Google’s Matt Cutts has been adamant that social signals (like re-tweets or Facebook likes) do not factor into their search algorithm, but rather, they often correlate with the all-around awesome content that search engines prefer. Rather than emphasis being placed on direct links, we’re seeing big SEO gains for companies that have a lot of brand mentions and citations across social and review sites. Since Google’s Pigeon update, we have noticed that, after a company’s main page, the social media sites and review profiles tend to appear next. Therefore, it’s important that these pages are treated with importance, regularly maintained, and optimized for conversions just as well as the home base. Check out these 5 creative uses for social media.

3. Good website structure still matters.

Many clients come to us with zero search engine visibility. They are lucky to show up at #100 for competitive keywords in Google. For these clients, we continue to see the most dramatic improvements with web redesign. Common website errors include: convoluted URL structure, confusing navigation with high bounce rate, awkward back-end content organization, lack of XML sitemap, too many blog plugins slowing down the page load, directly copying content from elsewhere on the web, and lack of usability testing. By tinkering with the underlying structure of your website, we can produce dramatic results immediately. Even big, well-known brands suffer from poor site usability from time to time, especially when they want to use magazine style layouts with big photos and videos.

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