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Dump The Dinosaur For A Modern Web Design Company

April 3, 2014 - 5 minutes read - Blog, Website Design

“It’s not you… it’s me.” This cliche breakup line is not just used in romantic relationships, but in working relationships too. Perhaps the web designer you started out with a decade ago worked just fine, but now you’re looking for a fresh look. It’s not evident that your old designer is up to the task. Many businesses outgrow their web designers — especially if the designer is set in his or her ways and relying on knowledge from college that dates back years. Here at Mod Girl Marketing, we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest tools, technologies and trends to offer you the best in modern web design.

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Image By: By Alan Foreman | Source: NJ Computer Doctors via Pinterest

Modern Web Design Tools

Modern web design is all about responsiveness. T0day’s end user has little patience for a bumbling website that can’t load in mere seconds. Web designers of old may have relied on built-in WordPress SEO tools, but we know that some of these plugins can slow down your website A LOT! That’s why it’s important to find a knowledgeable professional who can pick and choose the best plugins, without jeopardizing loading speed. We have a full suite of tools — including some of these top web designer picks — that can make your website more responsive. Forget about paying for software and enduring a long learning curve. Our full-service boutique marketing agency will do it all for you!

Modern Web Design Company Technologies

Modern web design is about more than a quick-loading website, of course. We know what new web technologies users expect and want to see when they click the link to your page. For instance, interactive questionnaires will get you the lead capture information you need immediately, while providing visitors with a useful and effortless experience. Visitors also like to flip through editorial layouts that are picture-heavy and provide a visually appealing graph of content. Full-screen videos can be a visually stunning way to add dynamic movement and intrigue to your site. Interactive product screens allow users to customize and preview items in your store, which translates to better sales.

Modern Web Design Trends

Single page websites are a hot commodity right now. We can do that if you want to embrace simplicity.

Other modern web design trends include:

  • Mix-and-match typography
  • Flat designs
  • Vibrant colors
  • Image sliders
  • Big images
  • Circular design elements
  • Large clickable icons
  • Social media badges
  • Demo videos
  • Parallax scrolling


Modern Web Design Companies Provide More than Just Website Design

Business Branding Package Prez Limos

At Mod Girl Marketing, our web design clients get the full treatment. From SEO research to stunning social media branding packages, to comprehensive marketing strategies, we go far beyond web design. Beauty and functionality are great, but at the end of the day your business relies on sales and our team of experts will ensure your new website is ready to market to the masses. With high converting landing pages and SEO-friendly content, your new website will quickly become your #1 marketing tool in your arsenal.

We’re happy to incorporate any modern design trends you see and love on other websites into yours. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind, just ask! Also, have a look at our portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done. Our affordable team of professionals brings over a decade of modern web design experience to the table and we’re always reading, learning, testing out new techniques, and expanding our skills to bring you the latest and greatest the web has to offer. There’s no need to stick with an old-fashioned dinosaur designer for sentimental reasons. Let Mod Girl Marketing bring your web redesign into the 21st century and beyond with all the best that modern web design has to offer.

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