Are You Using This Underutilized Feature On LinkedIn?

September 19, 2023 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategy

Here’s how to get your LinkedIn profile in the top 1% of users…

By using one of LinkedIn’s most underutilized profile features.

So, many people skip this part.

And they shouldn’t.


Because it’s the perfect way to build brand authority.

And it literally takes seconds to add.

You can add them both to your About and Experience sections.

Watch this video above to see what I am referring to and ideas on exactly what you should add.

It’s an easy way for your prospects to see what you do and who you help.

Plus, it looks awesome and instantly builds your credibility.

And because most users AREN’T doing this, it can help you easily stand out.

SDRs and AEs tell me often how adding this elevated their profile and even sparked comments from prospects.

It is super impactful when done right and takes you less than 5 minutes to add.

I recommend adding at least three.

So, watch this video, then go do this.

And if you’re serious about optimizing your entire profile, I have an awesome checklist that you can instantly access. Check it out here.

Our LinkedIn Profile System allows entire teams to create high-converting profiles in under 1 hour. We do a ton of the heavy lifting for them, which means they see results faster. Message me if you want to see a sample.

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