How to Attract High Paying Clients (without sounding too salesy)

March 29, 2018 - 13 minutes read - Business Growth, Marketing Your Business Online

Many would describe the “perfect” clients as those with whom you have a good, long-term working relationship, and who can afford to pay you what your services are worth — without nickel and diming you every chance they get.

However, some business owners get in their own way when it comes to attracting those high paying clients. Even entrepreneurs with years of experience find themselves pitching prices that are much lower than they deserve or targeting the wrong leads.

When you attract high paying clients, you’re able to spend more of your time helping them, growing your business, and enjoying your personal life. Instead of working 80+ hour weeks trying to juggle as many clients as possible, you can focus your time and energy on just a handful of high paying clients.

And as an added bonus, working with these high-ticket clients means that you can truly enjoy the work because they make your efforts feel valued.

Discover the 3 common problems that might be holding you back from being able to attract high paying clients for your business — and some simple solutions — below.

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Top 3 Problems Business Owners Face When Trying to Attract High Paying Clients

When asked why they’re charging such low fees for services, many business owners say they simply don’t believe they can land high paying clients. They spend too much time worrying about the competition, thinking that there’s probably someone better out there or that no client would be willing to pay them a higher rate.

But if you truly believe that your products or services are worth a high-ticket price, why aren’t you landing the big shots?

The right clients will be happy to pay a premium for your vision and expertise. They are interested in real results — not just finding anyone possible to do a one-off job or to complete a simple task.

If you’re struggling to attract high paying clients, it might be time to revamp your sales pitch techniques. Consider if you’re guilty of one of these 3 common problems — and discover how to solve them so you can start working with your dream high-ticket clients today.

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Problem #1: You Don’t Target the Right Leads

Many people mistakenly think that the larger their audience is, the more people will buy. You might know this as the “cast a wide net” strategy.

With this in mind, many business owners have a very vague definition of their target market. However, after reaching out to hundreds or thousands of people with little success, you’ll likely find that a one-size-fits-all pitch just doesn’t convert.

Solution #1: Define a Super Specific Niche

Clearly identify your ideal target market and focus 100% on them. The narrower you can get in defining your ideal prospect, the more focused your messaging can be — and the more effective your outreach!

That’s not to say you can’t accept clients who don’t fit your buyer persona, but be sure to vet them thoroughly before accepting a project with them to make sure they’re still a good fit.

Follow these tips to attract high paying clients by focusing on your buyer persona:

  • Start with a ‘generic’ message template that’s carefully crafted for your narrowly-defined target audience. Since you’re focusing in on a specific niche, you’re able to keep the message template super relevant without writing a new one for each new lead.
  • Personalize your message further as people reply with interest.
  • Diversify one-to-one prospecting efforts by creating helpful online resources of relevance to your target market, attracting the right people who can trade their email addresses for access.
  • Reach out to your best potential leads individually to get them on the phone and make your sales pitch.
    This will not only improve the overall communication but will also help convert your leads better. Learn how here.

When defining your ideal buyer persona, consider these tips:marketing to high-end clients

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Problem #2: You Sound Too Sales-y

When you’re passionate about your product, it can be tempting to keep promoting it constantly. If you’re guilty of this, take a moment to stop and think: how often do you successfully convert high-ticket clients based on constant promotions that verge on being annoying?

Time for some tough truths: when you push your products on people without first offering them value, it only pushes them away. For example, 84% of millennials distrust traditional advertising, which they consider as slimy as the traditional high-pressure car salesman.

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Solution #2: Show Genuine Interest In Helping Your Prospective Client

No one wants to follow a business on social media if 100% of their posts are promoting their own products or services. Follow the 80/20 rule: share valuable information and resources from other places 80% of the time, and promote your own products and services the other 20%.

Try these additional tips to warm up your leads and convert them into high paying clients:

  • Make it a conversation. Nobody wants to be “talked at,” so be genuinely interested in what the other party has to say. Don’t just read off a script — personalize your responses based on what they’re saying. Master your public speaking skills to ensure your communication is better.
  • If your products or services aren’t a good fit for them, be honest! You don’t want clients investing in a service that isn’t a good fit for them and then leaving you a bad review and demanding a refund. Besides, this shows that they can trust you, and they’ll be more likely to come to you when they do need your services later.
  • Be helpful. Create resources that will help your target market succeed in their business, like lead magnets, blog posts, even LinkedIn updates. At any part of the sales process, you can direct prospects towards this helpful content that you’ve already created to win their trust in your ability to solve their problems.
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Problem #3: You Don’t Ask The Right Questions During Your Sales Pitch

So maybe you’re great at getting a potential client on the phone — but then flounder at some point during the call.

This is a pretty common problem for business owners. In fact, many people struggle with delivering a pitch that isn’t easily brushed off by the prospective client.

If you’re doing any of the following things during your sales pitch, you might be pushing your dream, high-ticket clients away without even realizing it.

  • Promising too much
  • Being too technical
  • Failing to do your research
  • Not addressing their concerns
  • Being too defensive
  • Not asking enough questions
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Solution #3: Ask Questions That Help You Help Them

When marketing to high-end clients, show them why they should trust you by providing truthful answers to their pressing questions.

Before a call, start off by doing a little background research on the company. Prepare to ask specific questions based on that research so you can find out their pain points — they, not you, should be talking the majority of the time during an early discovery meeting. Then, when it’s time to pitch, take what you’ve learned from them to offer a personalized plan for how you can solve the specific problems they’ve brought up.

By doing this, you’re showing them you’re an expert in solving their problems and that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Nobody likes generic pitches or feeling like they’re being sold something that isn’t a good fit for them. Instead, capture their attention by only pitching products and services that will actually address their pain points.

Trying to attract high paying clients? Start by asking what your services will enable them to achieve in their business — before discussing pricing.

For example, if your Facebook Ads management services will land them 5 new customers a month, what would these new customers be worth to them? If each client brings in $2,000 in monthly revenue, that’s $10,000 total additional monthly revenue — and they should definitely be paying you accordingly!

Follow these steps when crafting your next sales pitch:attract high paying clients

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Attract High Paying Clients And Scale Your Business Fast

High-end clients allow you to scale your business faster by allowing you to focus on just a handful of your dream clients instead of dozens of low paying, problem clients. They value your expertise and trust you to deliver the results you promised.

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