What Are the Benefits of PPC Advertising? [Contributed Blog]

March 11, 2020 - 7 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Marketing Trends, PPC

PPC advertising has quite a few benefits and brands are starting to realize that this method is another great addition to their overall marketing strategy. Relying on social media and SEO is great as well, but different sources of traffic is always a good thing.

If you have not had a chance to try pay-per-click marketing before and still have some doubts about it, the benefits below will change your mind. And keep in mind that you can start your first campaign without paying thanks to Google Ads promo code from Clever Ads. 

Benefit #1 – Advertise to Relevant Audience

PPC marketing gives you an opportunity to reach an entirely new audience. According to SEO Tribunal, Google receives 63 thousand searches every second. The number is incredible.

Your ads will appear only for people who are interested in the business. And converting this kind of demographic is easier than targeting random people on other channels.

Adwords are wonderful for small businesses especially because most people will encounter your ads because they are actively seeking exactly what you are offering.

Benefit #2 – Targeted Advertisement

PPC ads allow you to put in specific keywords which makes it easier to target a particular demographic. 

It may take a while before you are finished with research and have a solid campaign plan, but all that effort will be worth it.

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Before you include keywords in the campaign, make sure that your landing page is optimized. Otherwise, you risk getting an increased bounce rate and penalties from Google.

Remarketing is also a great method to get people who have shown interest in your product previously to return. 

Benefit #3 – Schedule Your Ads

If you were to read tips for creating the ultimate PPC campaign, ad scheduling tends to be in such guys a lot. And that happens because you do not want to waste resources by having your ads running 24/7.

No, instead, you should aim to look for specific time frames and days of the week that will bring the most profit. You can make adjustments and set everything the way you want. Advertisers have peace of mind knowing that their ads are targeting the right demographic at the right time.

Benefit #4 – Measurable Return on Investment

One of the biggest advantages of pay-per-click is its measurable return of investment. Any business that wants growth needs to keep an eye on how much it spends and gets in return.

PPC shows exactly how much you are getting out of every campaign and ad. All you need to do is measure the number of impressions and how many clicks you get. Compare this with sales and revenue and you have the answer.

Benefit #5 – Raising Brand Awareness

It is not always about making profits. Sustainability can be built by word of mouth and brand awareness. The latter can be achieved by PPC marketing as well.

Your ads, when they are optimized properly, will appear to people who may not have even heard about your business in the first place. Get them to click on the ad. If what visitors see on the landing page impress them, expect to see more positivity coming your way.

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Benefit #6 – Immediate Impact

Some businesses have no luxury to wait until SEO takes effect. Especially when they are in a competitive niche and uncertain whether they will be able to reach a good ranking in the first place.

On the other hand, the pay-per-click advertisement will bring you traffic after launching the campaign. The moment you have your ads on Google, people who are entering relevant keywords will be able to see your ads and click on them. 

Benefit #7 – Pay Only for Clicks

Just like the name suggests, you only have to pay only when someone clicks on the ad. These ads appear to people who are already searching for relevant information or products. So getting them to click and convert into a shopper is easier than someone completely random.

Benefit #8 – Opportunity to Advertise Locally and Globally

Google Adwords offers you a chance to target both local community and global customers.

If you have a brick and mortar store, you will want to expand your clientele by advertising products and services to local residents.

Meanwhile, if the goal is to attract people from anywhere in the world because you have global shipping or run a dropshipping site, Adwords has you covered there as well. 

Benefit #9 – Great Learning Experience

Marketing tactics do not have to revolve just around now and here. If you are looking to pursue eCommerce or another method to make money on the internet, any learning experience is of use.

Pay-per-click marketing is a difficult nut to crack since you have to know how to write a good copy and do proper keyword research. But if you learn these skills, they will help you a lot with future online marketing endeavors.

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