Best Tips For Editing Instagram Videos In 2020 [Contributed Blog]

March 19, 2020 - 5 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Social Media Marketing

With a monthly active user base of over one billion, Instagram has become the platform for the general masses. You can easily keep up to date with your friends, favorite bands and celebs and the list go on. Not so long ago Instagram was just another photo-sharing application, how the times have changed. Instagram has become the powerhouse of online influence with its immersive interface. It is essential to grow your Instagram account so as to gain authority. The more the number of fans you have the better the marketing you can do through your Instagram posts. If you have any product and service you can promote that among your followers, else you can become an influencer and earn a living by promoting products and services of other people.

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Videos have definitely taken the spotlight as a way to connect with the audience and engage with them on a deeper level. Users always prefer videos as this gives them a much more immersive experience than the age-old scrolling and liking. Videos can convey messages better than words or images. This makes videos a compelling option for marketing professionals and creators alike. 

Instagram story videos

Stories on Instagram work similarly to status on WhatsApp or Facebook. Videos for Instagram stories can be fifteen seconds long. Make sure that the aspect ratio of the video matches the aspect ratio of most of the devices. It is advised that you add sound to your stories as this makes it more engaging.

Instagram TV

Videos released on Instagram TV should be between 15 seconds to 10 minutes long. Accounts with a verified badge can upload hour-long videos. Aspect ratio should also be kept in mind as this will cover the whole screen of the device.

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Editing Instagram Videos

You have seen how powerful videos can be therefore it is only logical to make more compelling videos if you want to catapult your page to fame. Below is a list of tips that you can employ to create your masterpiece today. If you follow these tips it will help you get more Instagram video views quickly without much effort.

  • Play with formats: Choosing between Instagram Stories and TV can be very confusing at first glance. Stories can be your best friend when you want to give out crisp and concise videos while Instagram TV is best suited for slightly longer videos. Choose your options carefully.
  • Filters: One of the most popular tools employed by video editors is video filters. Filters can have a wide range of effects such as color correction, changing the color temperature etc. Choose the best filter for your video and never be afraid to experiment. Instagram has many built-in options to add filters, but if you are feeling brave enough you can try using third party options such as from the likes of Apple or Adobe.
  • Animated texts: By adding animated texts to your videos you can greatly improve customer engagement. It is a great way to capture the attention of your viewers. If you can use texts wisely it will add depth and character to your video.
  • Background music: If your video does not have a background audio or track, things can be surprisingly dull. There are many free resources on the internet where you can find high-quality stock audio tracks. Not only will this add more emotion to your video but will also increase the performance of the video.

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