Best Retargeting Service: Who Should You Chose?

October 4, 2012 - 5 minutes read - Blog, Retargeting, Search Marketing

Mod Girl Marketing has formed a partnership with a leading Retargeting service provider, ReachLocal. Ok that sounds great, so what does that mean?! It means that all clients who invest in ReachLocal’s amazing Retargeting service through Mod Girl Marketing, save 10% off their first month! How cool is that? Not only will you get the best Retargeting service the web has to offer, but you’ll pay a ton less too! We will even create your banner ads at NO additional cost!

What Is Retargeting?

Generally speaking, “Retargeting” keeps your brand in front of your audience even after they leave your website. Your advertisements will be tailored to people who have expressed interest in your brand. By having your ads follow this market, your company will be making the added impressions it needs to lead to a purchase.

More specifically, “Search Retargeting” is the fastest-growing form of retargeting (according to the “Search Retargeting Barometer, Q3 2012” study). This type of retargeting not only wins back people who have left your site, but also engages new prospects and cuts into your competitors’ markets as well. Search Retargeting can acquire new customers for you through email, social media and creative advertising.

Why Bother With Search Retargeting?

According to the “Search Retargeting Barometer” study…

  • 93.9% of respondents use traditional display advertising
  • 93.5% of brands run both Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting campaigns
  • 63.6% of respondents use Search Retargeting to win customers from competitors
  • 37.9% of respondents cited a “lack of budget/time” as a challenge to implementing Search Retargeting
  • 66.7% of respondents fund Search retargeting from their traditional display campaigns
  • 65.6% of brands surveyed said they intend to increase their Search Retargeting budgets

The chief objective of Search Retargeting was to acquire new customers, as identified by 93.9 percent of those surveyed. Another top concern for 81.9 percent of those surveyed was increasing brand revenue. An additional 63.6 percent said they’re using the service to solicit customers from their competition and 42.4 percent of those surveyed said they are using Search Retargeting to increase brand awareness.

Why Use ReachLocal for Retargeting Services?

More than a third of all businesses lack the time or budget to go full-throttle with Search Retargeting. A quarter of those surveyed say they also have trouble integrating this search campaign with their other marketing objectives. ReachLocal has experience in all of these areas — plus, with us giving you 50 percent off your first month, you can no longer say you don’t have the budget to stay competitive! Remember, if all these brands are using Search Retargeting to swipe their competitors’ business… YOUR competitors just might be attacking YOUR core audience!

We chose to partner with ReachLocal because they have a proven track record of helping businesses succeed locally since 2005 — long before “search marketing” was a buzzword for online marketing. They use patent-pending technology to get you better results. And they have tremendous relationships with top brands — like Google, FOX, Bing, Yahoo!, and more — to get your brand out there in front of many sets of eyes.

Essentially, they will work their magic and we will cover all your search engine ranking needs for a comprehensive, “TOTAL DOMINATION” retargeting campaign that will deliver tremendous results!

Remember, save 10% off your first month when you go through Mod Girl Marketing, plus we will create your banner creatives FREE! Now is the time to take advantage of this cutting-edge marketing strategy that will create a flood of targeted leads to your website 24/7!

For the best retargeting service money can buy, contact the experts at Mod Girl Marketing. We will get you setup with our ReachLocal representatives to create an affordable and highly effective retargeting campaign for your business.

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