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5 Easy Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Your B2B Company

October 18, 2018 - 11 minutes read - B2B, Social Media

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, often referred to as “BFCM,” are among the biggest shopping days of the year. And though most people think of it as a time just for B2C companies, there are plenty of Black Friday marketing ideas that are relevant for B2B companies as well.

In 2016, people spent an estimated $7.23 billion from Thursday to Saturday. And in 2017, that number jumped to $7.9 billion for online sales alone, with 174 million Americans shopping on Black Friday weekend 2017 (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday).

Those in the B2C industry know what it’s like — the manic activity that comes with the weekend and the potential revenue on the line. But oftentimes, those in the B2B industry fail to get involved at all.

Most B2B companies think Black Friday is solely for B2C, but all businesses can take advantage of the multi-billion dollar holiday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have expanded greatly over the years. BFCM aren’t just days anymore; they’re a whole shopping season, often lasting from Halloween until the end of the year.

[easy-tweet tweet=”Black Friday isn’t just for B2C anymore; all companies can take advantage of the multi-billion $ day” quote=”Black Friday isn’t just for B2C anymore; all companies can take advantage of the multi-billion dollar day.” theme=”style3″]

And they’re not limited to in-store offerings, either; most of the shopping actually gets done online, meaning virtual B2B companies can easily join in.

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How B2B Companies Benefit From Black Friday Marketing

There are a lot of reasons to consider leveraging some new Black Friday marketing ideas this year:

  • Beat the competition. People often don’t expect a B2B marketing company to participate in Black Friday sales: doing so will set you apart from others in your niche.
  • Inspire fast action. The reason why BFCM sales are so popular is because the deals are so good and there are many people fighting over a limited quantity. Shoppers don’t have a lot of time to think, they just act. Though sales often move slower in B2B, you can still take advantage of this mindset through low-cost offers.
  • Build goodwill. You don’t have to offer a sale to participate in Black Friday! For example, REI has closed its doors on Black Friday since 2015, giving their employees a paid day off and encouraging them to go outside – a tactic that boosts morale among employees and highlights company values.

However you decide to get involved, one thing is clear: things move fast on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your audience will likely be on-the-go all weekend, whether they’re away visiting family or going from store to store shopping. That’s why one of the best ways to go about Black Friday marketing is through social media marketing.

To get involved, try one of these 5 easy Black Friday marketing ideas you can adapt to your B2B company.

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5 Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Try some of these ideas to promote your B2B company this Black Friday:

  1. Turn to Twitter for Social Listening and Promotion
  2. Use Facebook Targeted Ads
  3. Promote Offers on LinkedIn
  4. Create a YouTube Campaign
  5. Use Instagram Stories

1. Turn to Twitter for Social Listening and Promotion

Twitter can be a helpful tool for lead generation, brand development, customer service, and social listening.

To get a feel for market interest around Black Friday, try social listening to tweak or personalize your offers to fit your audience. A digital marketing tool like Hootsuite can make this process simple. Then, once you’ve gathered some data, decide on a message, such as a percentage off of a month of services or a digital product.

Or consider giving away a free consultation with a member of your team, promoting a free workshop, or offering a free eBook that relates to your niche. That way, even if your audience is reluctant to spend anymore morning during the busy shopping day, you can still start a relationship with them, then follow-up with an email marketing campaign.

Social Media Monitoring Hootuite

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2. Use Facebook Targeted Ads

Using targeted ads on social media is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your posts by members of your exact target market.

The right ad can be powerful. Flixel, a B2B company that creates apps, was able to achieve 99% revenue growth despite a 30% discount during Black Friday, using a mix of targeted social ads and direct email marketing.

Flixel Black Friday Social Media Marketing Ideas

Consider running straightforward ads offering discount or freebies, or a comment-to-messenger Facebook ad so you can follow-up via Facebook messenger.

Whatever you decide, set yourself apart. Most companies offer discounts on Black Friday, so try focusing on a unique aspect of your promotion, such as an additional bonus, instead of only highlighting the lower price.

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3. Promote Offers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still the top go-to social site for B2B marketers, and the holidays are no exception. After all, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and it’s 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter!

Black Friday Marketing LinkedIn

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Mod Girl Marketing’s Mandy McEwen strategically uses LinkedIn throughout the year to find qualified leads, and has amassed over 17,000 connections in the process (many of whom are Mod Girl Marketing’s ideal clients).

If you’re running low on ideas, consider recycling offers you already have.

If you already promote discounts or freebies as part of your marketing strategy, you can quickly tweak them by adding the words “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” to the post or direct message — giving them a new lease on life.

And when it comes to raising awareness on LinkedIn, you have many options. Try sending your offer via direct message, publishing an article with a call to action, or publishing status updates with the link.

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4. Create a YouTube Campaign

People are watching increasingly more videos online, and it is predicted that video will account for 79% of global internet traffic in 2020.

Many turn to the usual suspects for Black Friday marketing ideas: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And though using videos on those platforms is a great idea as well, using the channels your competitors are ignoring can set you apart.

When coming up with your Black Friday marketing ideas, consider creating a YouTube campaign. Whether you make one that’s strictly for Black Friday, or one for the entire holiday season, focus on creating a video that people want to share.

For example, splash created a fun video thanking event planners, inviting their clients to forward it to all of their event planner friends for the holidays. The video was quick and engaging, and not overly-promotional, leading to more people wanting to share it with their friends and colleagues.

Social Media Ads Black Friday

5. Use Instagram Stories

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are short events with many people checking social media for the latest deal on their phones, which is why it’s great to engage in real-time. B2B companies can leverage Instagram by using the Stories function throughout the shopping weekend, creating interactive and engaging stories like the ones GE and Techcrunch have produced.

Stories can capture attention because they’re short and instant. There is no limit to the kind of content you can produce — be it a tutorial or a limited time offer only available to those watching your Stories.

Social Media Instagram Ideas

Boost Your Social Media Marketing this Black Friday

There’s nothing stopping B2B companies from joining B2C companies in the fun on Black Friday. Leverage the power of social media throughout the shopping weekend to make some extra sales and promote awareness for your brand.

And if you want your social media marketing strategies to have even more of an impact this Black Friday, be sure to download our 8 simple tricks to using social media to boost your SEO.

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Social Media Black Friday Marketing Ideas

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