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Approximately 65 percent of all companies own a blog these days, which is up from 48 percent in 2009, according to Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing study.Content creation has been steadily on the rise as more businesses look for cost-effective ways to court new clients, create brand impressions, and attract search engine traffic. While it’s easy for any business to start their own WordPress blog, keep in mind that the business blog design is your first impression with prospective readers. You want it to look not only professional, but also branded and original.

Benefits of Business Blogging…

  • 55 percent of companies who blog say this channel came in at “below average cost,” compared to PPC, direct mail, trade shows, telemarketing, print ads, commercials, and all other forms of advertising.
  • 57 percent of companies who blog say they’ve acquired at least one new customer through a blog-generated lead (which has gone up 11 percent in the last year.)
  • Remember, search engines like websites that are frequently updated with relevant news (hence, blogs).

It should also be duly noted that the frequency of your blogging efforts will directly correlate with how many leads you get. A whopping 89 percent of the companies who regularly acquire customers through their blog create multiple posts a day. About 76-78 percent blog at least two or three times per week. However, any number of blog posts is beneficial for your online business marketing needs –  Even one a month is better than nothing!

Consider Mod Girl Marketing for all your BLOG CONTENT needs!

Small Business Blog Design

“We match your current website by using your header and by custom-building each aspect of the blog,” explains Mod Girl Marketing CEO Mandy McEwen. “The header, footer, sidebar, slider, background, and the entire blog can be customized to accommodate our client’s needs.”

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A recent example of Mod Girl Marketing’s professional small business blog design can be found on the Tower Physical Therapy site. The company had its own website, but didn’t have their own professional blog to match. Mod Girl Marketing was able to maintain the same header, color scheme and font style — bringing over a matching look for the blog site so there is no doubt in people’s minds that these two sites are related.

Why Create Custom WordPress Business Blog Design?

The reason people prefer to use custom WordPress blogs is that:

1. It’s much faster, easier, and more cost-effective than trying to build a blog into your existing site.

2. Also, the Content Management System for WordPress is very user-friendly and easier for beginners to use.

3. Lastly, a WordPress business blog design is 100% optimized for SEO and is easily crawled by search engines.

Business blog design can be arranged for any budget, big or small, and will help expand your business empire slowly but surely. You can use your new blog for linking purposes. You can optimize your blog with keywords, which act like magnets to attract people who are typing those same keywords into Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. You can re-post all your blogs via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to grow your web presence. Since  blogging is the foundation of all web marketing strategies, isn’t it time you got started today?

Do you need blog marketing services? Call Mod Girl Marketing today to help you achieve top search engine rankings!

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