How You Can Start Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Make Your Way to that Senior Management Career [Contributed Blog]

August 9, 2019 - 10 minutes read - Business Growth, Contributed Posts

Does it feel like each time a promotion opportunity comes up you seem to get passed over? Maybe you aren’t even in the running, and landing that senior management career of your dreams is nothing but a distant goal in the future. While there are certainly reasons outside of your control causing you to keep being passed up for a promotion, or your CV isn’t getting the kind of interest you hoped for, there are plenty of factors within your control that you can change to boost your odds of climbing the career ladder.

If you’re tired of only dreaming about a senior management position and you’re ready to make it a reality, here are some invaluable tips you can use that can not only speed the process along but get you the attention you deserve in your career.

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Understand that Each Step Up Gets You Closer to Your Goal

Sometimes the biggest issue is the way you’re looking at your current career. Maybe you’ve received small promotions along the way and made baby steps up the ladder. Here’s the thing, every single step is a step up the ladder, getting you closer to your ultimate goal. It may be beneficial to ease up on yourself and start celebrating your career accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Keep a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will also get you far, as the biggest mistake you can make is to adopt a defeatist attitude. Believing in yourself and your abilities will show, and it will make others notice you and take you seriously. Now, obviously some days will be easier than others to keep up a positive attitude, but it will do your mind wonders to keep it going.

If you find that the stress and disappointment is getting to you, look for some sort of stress relief outside of work. Take up a hobby, join a fun class, and start exercising on a regular basis. These are all wonderful ways to combat stress and keep your body strong and healthy.

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Be Honest with Why You Are Being Passed Over

A dose of honesty will also be in order, and this can be the hardest pill to swallow. Admitting your faults and where you may be lagging behind isn’t exactly easy, but it’s the only way to pinpoint those areas that you could make improvements. 

Perhaps your communication skills are lacking, maybe your organization skills aren’t exactly top-notch, or maybe you have a hard time staying on task and meeting deadlines. Each of these issues can affect your chances of getting that big promotion. Once you are aware of where you’re lacking though, you can look for ways to change, better yourself, and become that much better of an employee.

Enhance Your Skills and Education

Maybe you are learning that you just don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to make that next step up the ladder. If that’s the case, it’s time to enhance your skills and further your education. Take, for example, leadership training courses. Even if you aren’t yet in a leadership position, you’d be amazed at how helpful these courses can be. They may even be the difference between landing a job, and not getting it.

You can find leadership training courses here that can prepare you for all kinds of different senior management positions. The site makes it incredibly simple to find various training courses that will give you the kind of training you need to close that skills gap that may currently exist in your resume. Enroll in courses such as the Leadership Excellence Course and Executive Coaching which is a three-day intensive course that takes all your existing skills to the next level. You’ll learn various leadership styles, techniques, and strategies that can help you excel.

You can also find other leadership training courses such as Leadership Best Practices, Foundations of Leadership, Executive Leadership Program, and eLearning Leadership Development Series.

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Make Your Career Goals Known to Your Current Employer

Another issue could be that your current employer doesn’t even realize you want to grow, and work your way up the ladder. They may think you are content in your current position and have no desire for another job. It’s a good idea to meet with your boss, lay out your goals, and then ask for some input. Find out what you could be doing to make that promotion a stronger possibility. 

Put in the Extra Effort and Hours

You also want to be sure that all your hard work is noticed by your supervisor and boss. Putting in the extra effort, taking an active role in various projects, showing initiative, offering up ideas and suggestions, and even putting in extra hours can show just how serious you are about your job. Yes, it will be draining, but you’ve got to keep your eye on the end goal rather than worrying about the present.

Get Yourself a Mentor in the Industry

Another tip is to find yourself a mentor in the industry. It can be quite enlightening to have a mentor that can share advice and tips with you, and even help you where networking is concerned. It’s the kind of person you can bounce ideas off of, ask for advice from, and learn from their own mistakes and missteps that they are willing to share with you.

Brush Up on Your Networking Skills

Speaking of networking, this is another thing you should be doing. You want to be circulating your CV, making contacts, and making your career goals known. You never know when you might meet that person that leads to the perfect job opportunity.

A great way to boost your networking skills is to start attending industry events like trade shows, seminars, conferences, and any other events that will draw in peers in your industry.

Be Careful You Don’t Take the Cutthroat Approach

Finally, you want to be sure that your efforts aren’t too aggressive and land you with the label of being cutthroat. It’s fine to go after your dreams and goals, but doing so at the expense of others, taking credit for other people’s work, and basically throwing them under the bus will only come back to haunt you and give you the wrong kind of reputation in the industry. 

Keep in mind that employers tend to like those that can work well with others, collaborate, and work as a team. If you find this difficult, now is the time to work on changing how you view teamwork.

A Combination of Tips is Usually the Best Solution

So, rather than take a look at this list of tips and pick one item to adopt, look at this as a blueprint that you want to follow step by step. The more you do to make your career goals happen, the more likely it is that you will be successful. Remember, it will also come down to consistency in your efforts. You need to keep up with these tips no matter how frustrating or exhausting it may seem, as your hard work is sure to be rewarded.

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