Bring Your New Product Launch Event to Life [Contributed Blog]

August 13, 2019 - 4 minutes read - Business Growth, Mod Marketing

A launch event is something that will be an excellent way to showcase your brand, your business, and your latest product. It can help to build up some hype around it, and it could even help you to acquire some sales at the event itself. When you can get more and more people talking about something, then through word of mouth and social media, the buzz around something is going to be much better.

So with all of that in mind, here are some tips to help with a product launch, and that can help you to bring your ideas into reality.

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Choose an interesting venue, but that doesn’t outshine your product

When you plan a launch event, it can have a real impact on those in attendance if the venue is something quite interesting and unique. It can make the photographs of the event stand out, and just be a positive move in general. Although the launch is not about the venue, it can be a great way to improve the overall experience for all involved.

If possible, try to choose a venue that people will associate the product with the venue. For example, a luxury product is going to work best with a luxury launch and a luxury setting. Cater to your demographic too, so that the venue can be close to where your business is based. Making people travel quite far out for it, isn’t always a good thing. 

Drum up extra social media activity before the event

At the launch of your product, the main goal is to market the new product or service at the end of the day. But making sure there is a buzz around the event itself is a good idea too, especially in the run-up to it. So in the weeks running up to the event, how about putting together an online marketing strategy to attract new attendees?

This could be done through posts online, as well as email newsletters, as well as press releases and other offline marketing. After the event, then if the buzz can continue, then it can really help. So think about things like goodie bags that people can have, filled with branded goods like custom car fresheners that they can use at home. You could also think about having a social media contest, with things to giveaway, as another way for people to get online and share the event.

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Plan engaging entertainment

Your launch needs to be a fun event, as when people look back on the event, they will remember it well, and associate your product with it. So having an element of entertainment is a great idea, especially if it can incorporate your product into it.

Some ideas for entertainment could be:

  • Using some of the venue’s amenities can help, such as a dance floor for guests, or even a dance troupe to entertain
  • You could hire a standup comedian for the night who is able to incorporate the product into the routine
  • Engaging attendees with some contests on the night can help to promote your brand. It could be related to social shares and who uses the hashtag, for example.

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