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Coming Soon: Mod Girl Marketing Gets A Face-lift!

August 29, 2012 - 3 minutes read - Blog, In the News..., Mod Girl Portfolio, Mod Marketing

You’ve seen the teasers on our Facebook page…

Mod Girl FB Page Home


But now the total transformation is upon us…

Mod Girl Marketing is getting a NEW WEBSITE!

The official launch is coming in just two more days!

New Mod Girl Marketing

Our professional team of graphic designers have been hard at work creating a website that more accurately expresses our web design prowess and personality. The above picture is a screen-shot of our current site. Originally, we wanted to have a clean, user-friendly website. We wanted visitors to find exactly what they were looking for in a flash. While we accomplished that much, we began to feel like our website did not really convey all that we wanted. (Surely you know what that feels like! Probably that is why you’re browsing for web design services or content marketing assistance.)

A web redesign is like a fresh shower. We felt bold, vibrant colors better expressed the true nature of our company. We’re charismatic, sociable, energetic, and willing to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed online! With 20 years of combined experience in our fields, we’ll make sure you get seen everywhere! Our new site will give you a much better idea of our skills, so please stop by on Friday and check us out!

To commemorate our new site launch, we thought we’d run through…

The Top Reasons To Consider A Web Redesign NOW…

1. Your website is loading really, really slowly. There’s no excuse for this nowadays! Clean up the code and load faster!

2. Your content is drab. Many people find their web copy just isn’t converting like it should. Our writers will cure this!

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3. Parts of your site are damaged… and the web designer ran off to Mexico. This issue is more common than you think!

4. There is no attention to SEO. It is much easier to optimize a website for the search engines from the ground up.

5. You’re ready for a marketing blast. Before we proceed, a website redesign is a must! The new look will attract people.

6. Competition is getting fierce. If you want to keep up with others, you’ll need to follow modern web design trends.

7. Your graphics look amateurish. Maybe you saw a site that really impressed you and want to update your design too.

8. The navigation is confusing. If your site is not converting, there may be a problem with the layout or calls-to-action.

9. You’re going after a new demographic. Business goals change all the time… and that’s okay… if your site changes too!

10. Your web design doesn’t reflect your image. Perhaps the past designer just didn’t “get” you. Try a new pair of eyes.

Do you need a new website? Contact us for a free estimate within 24 hours!
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