DigitalMarketer Trends - Virtual Influencers

DigitalMarketer Trends – Virtual Influencers with Mandy McEwen

February 4, 2022 - 1 minute read - Marketing Trends, Mod Marketing, Podcast

Big companies are all in on influencers…

…Virtual influencers that is.

Influencer marketing isn’t anything new.

For years, brands have been leveraging influencers to help them sell their products.

Open up any social media app and chances are you’ll see a post curated by an influencer.

The market is saturated with influencers, which is why some brands are choosing the virtual route.


Well for one, it’s easier for a brand to control.

With virtual influencers, you set the price, you choose the content, you choose the timeline.

And some of these influencers are SO lifelike that you have to do a double-take to notice the difference.

Chances are you’ve seen a virtual influencer and didn’t even realize it.

Be sure to check out my short DigitalMarketer podcast where I dive into the world of virtual influencers and how they are changing the influencer marketing game.

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Are you familiar with virtual influencers? Have you seen one promoting a product?

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