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February 10, 2022 - 1 minute read - Personal Branding, Podcast, Speaker

Your story matters.

People want to hear it. 

In this podcast episode from DigitalMarketer, I sit down with my friend Rich Bracken and we discuss the power of storytelling and why it’s important to share your unique story in order to resonate with your audience. 

Rich and I are both passionate about building a personal brand through the art of storytelling.

Everyone has a story to share.

Including you.

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Here’s a look at what we discuss in the episode:

– How to avoid the comparison trap and impostor syndrome

– Tips for incorporating entertainment elements into your stories

– How to find an assimilation point with your audience (and why it matters)

– What to do if you want to become a TEDx speaker

Rich and I had so much fun recording this episode, and I know you are going to love it. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.

Listen on Spotify here.

What’s your best tip for telling stories that connect with your audience? 

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