Most Effective Yet Inexpensive Promotional Products

August 14, 2019 - 4 minutes read - Business Growth, Contributed Posts, Mod Marketing

Did you know that promotional products create more impressions than any other form of advertising? Yes, that’s right.

Studies show that 8 out of 10 consumers own a promotional product. Better still, those who have received a promotional product in the past say they would do business with that company again. The reason behind the success of promotional products is that they create a lasting impression.

Promotional products should be an integral part of your marketing plan. If you aren’t using them, you’re losing a lot to the competition (check out Good Things promotional products for ideas on the right products for your business). 

Here are the top 5 most effective, yet inexpensive promotional items you should be using.

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1. Promotional Pens

It may seem like a simple and ordinary item, but a pen will never go out of style.

Their high usability is one of the reasons why they top our list of the best inexpensive promotional products. A study conducted by the Promotional Products Association found that 79% of consumers keep and use branded pens they received from businesses.

Pens also have a longer advertising shelf life than many other forms of advertising. Unlike a TV ad that will only display for a few seconds, a pen will promote your brand for as long as it’s kept.  

2. Promotional Bags

That simple tote bag you carry every day might just be the best promotional item you need for your business. Bags may not be the most innovative items, but their ubiquitous nature and ability to find utility in the hands of everyone is what makes them great promotional items.

According to a 2016 ASI Ad Impressions survey, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product, with each bag generating nearly 6,000 impressions in the US. A branded bag can be the perfect promotional product, especially if you’re giving away items at trade shows.

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3. Mugs

If your business deals in drinks, custom mugs are the perfect promotional products you should be giving your customers.

Mugs are excellent promotional products because they not only establish a footing in your customers minds but also represent your brand in style. The trick is to make them unique, conspicuous, and durable.

4. Umbrellas

Nothing can match the beauty of a branded umbrella, especially if embellished with bright, and attractive corporate colors. While their use is limited, umbrellas make great promotional items and for many reasons.

First, they offer large real estate to print all your company info—name, logo, contacts, website, as well as any message you’d love to pass across. Secondly, they have a longer shelf life than many other promotional products.

5. Drink Bottles

Drink bottles are excellent promotional items and they provide an effective, yet inexpensive mobile form of advertising.

The good thing about drink bottles is that people actually use them. You’ll find a drink bottle at home, in the office, at the gym, and many other places. Through the drink bottle alone, your brand can reach up to 200 people per day, creating brand awareness whenever it goes.

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